What to Wear to Homecoming: 4 Styles of Dresses to Try On

Homecoming Dresses 2017


Some people look forward to the new school year with excitement and anticipation, while others enter the year wishing the summer had lasted a bit longer. Whichever camp you fall into, however, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the Homecoming dance is a great way to ease into the fall semester. From going with that special someone to using the night to reconnect with friends you missed over summer vacation, the Homecoming dance is the perfect way to kick off the school year. There’s just one little problem: finding the perfect dress! Homecoming dress trends may change, but classic do’s and don’ts will never fade. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect style for you.

Start your shopping trip off by finding the best color and cut for you


If your skin has a “cool” tint (blue or pale pink undertones), you’ll want to select a cool-hued dress and accessories. (Think silver, blue, green, etc.) If your skin has a “warm” tint (golden or red undertones), you should choose a warm-hued dress and accessories. If you have very dark skin, however, you may be able to get away with both color ranges, regardless of your skin’s undertones. Finally, if you’re confused about which color to choose, keep in mind that basic black flatters just about everyone. (There’s a reason the little black dress is so popular!)


If your figure is pear-shaped, you’ll look best in medium-length or long sleek dresses (avoid very short or bulky skirts). If your figure is apple-shaped, empire and drop waists will draw attention to your best features. If you’re very slim and athletic, choosing a dress with a voluminous skirt and adornments like ruffles or lace will amp up your figure. Finally, if you have an hourglass shape, all you’ll need to do is avoid dresses that add too much “bulk” to either your top or bottom half. And, regardless of what your body type is like, remember that classic cuts (i.e., uncluttered, body-hugging dresses with clean lines) suit everyone.


Now that you know the basics, let’s move on to step two, checking out the best homecoming dresses offerings.

Beaded Homecoming Dresses

If you have an outgoing, friendly personality, then beaded dresses are a great way to complement your inner “sparkle.” To ensure that your dress doesn’t overwhelm your face or figure, however, you’ll need to choose carefully. We recommend picking a dress that makes use of a toned-down, classic base color (like black, silver, or nude). Additionally, you should try to find a dress that has either all over-subtle bead work or a few tasteful patterns—nothing too complicated.

Lace Homecoming Dresses

If you have feminine and elegant tastes, then a lace homecoming dress will be perfect for you. We all know that a pale lace dress is the best way to convey freshness and innocence, but these gowns can also be ideal for nighttime. Lace dresses can just as easily be used to conjure an aura of sophistication and mystery.


When you opt for a lace dress, you’ll want to let the lace do the talking. Choose a dress that makes use of classic, muted tones (like black, white, or deep blue or green). You should also avoid overdoing it with jewelry and accessories; let your dress be your central decorative element.


Ava Lace Fit and Flare Dress 


Floral Homecoming Dresses

Floral homecoming dresses are a girlie, flirty favorite. If you’re still feeling a summer vibe, a bright floral print might be just the way to carry that energy to homecoming with you. Select a dress that has an evening vibe to ensure you look dressed up enough for the occasion. Try florals that are offset by a dark background and pair your dress with elegant, understated jewelry. Opt for simple high heels that will complement the dress and allow the bold print to shine.

Diana Floral Embroidered Halter Dress 


Off the Shoulder Homecoming Dresses

You can’t go wrong with an off the shoulder dress. If you’re petite, you’ll love the way this cut lengthens your neck and draws attention to your shoulders. If you’re on the taller side, you’ll enjoy how regal and poised this classic cut makes you feel.


Off the shoulder dresses are also perfect for people who love to accessorize. If you have a piece of statement jewelry you’ve been saving for a special occasion, try pairing it with an understated off the shoulder dress.


Cold Shoulder High Low Satin Gown 


Ready To Choose Your Dress?

Now that you’ve go these tips and tricks in your back pocket, all you need to do is refine your selection and find “the” dress. Check out our full homecoming dress collection now for some inspiration.