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7 Valentine's Day Proposals They'll Never Forget

Valentine's day proposal ideas

Valentine's day proposals
Propose to your partner on Valentine's Day

Getting engaged? On Valentine’s Day?

While all marriage proposals are ideally romantic, there is something extra special about getting engaged on Valentine’s Day. The day is literally designed to celebrate love, so it should come as no surprise that so many couples pick February 14 as the day to take the plunge and get down on one knee. And with so many restaurants, spas, resorts already primed to celebrate love, the atmosphere will be super romantic for this special moment.
So, if popping the question on Valentine’s Day is in your cards this year, we’ve put together our best tips for the perfect Valentine’s proposal that will hopefully help you hear “Yes!” at the end. Good luck!

The Dinner Proposal

We know this could sound cliché but stepping out to dinner with your significant other at their favorite restaurant is maybe all you need (besides the sparkler). But before you go ahead and make those Valentine’s Day reservations at their dream restaurant, ask yourself if your partner is the type of person who would be on board for getting engaged in a crowded restaurant. If not, maybe a homecooked meal and a bottle of wine on a picnic blanket with candles is the way to go.

Recreate Your First Date

Of course, there’s nothing more romantic than recreating your first date for your Valentine’s Day proposal. Surprise your partner by planning the same activity or booking the restaurant you first went to (get a private space where you can get down on one knee). May we even suggest using some of your memories of your first date in your proposal speech for added nostalgia that will hit your partner right in the “all the feels” department.

An Engagement with A View

What could be better than getting engaged? Getting engaged in a gorgeous setting of course. If you plan on getting engaged on Valentine’s Day, a little extra thought will go a long way. If you and your partner are road warriors, met traveling or have a favorite destination, start thinking now about incorporating a meaningful backdrop. Even a local hangout spot, the place you first met or shared a kiss, will make your engagement feel that much more personal. Don’t forget though, no matter where you propose, the best view will be the smile on their face when they say yes. But we know, those Instagram moments count too.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

If life is a box of chocolates, then what better way to begin your life together than hiding your engagement ring inside a heart-shaped box of chocolates. If you want to make it even more personalized, pick out their favorite types of chocolate and create your own Valentine’s Day chocolate box. If you go with a box of chocolates, there are three ways to plan your proposal. First, you can give them the box of chocolate and as they open it, drop down on your bended knee. Or, you can include the words “Will You Marry Me?” tucked inside the box or written on the inside of the lid. Lastly, you can place the engagement ring inside the chocolate box before giving it to them. The best part, you’ll have a sweet prop for all those awesome engagement photos.

A Surprise Party

If you’re good at keeping secrets and would love to include family and friends to celebrate this special occasion, why not bring together the proposal and a little engagement party. It’s a lot to plan—the food, music and location—but what could be more special than getting family and friends together.

Leave A Trial

Feeling sentimental about your engagement? Are memories of your time together getting you so excited for your upcoming engagement? Then maybe planning a meaningful scavenger hunt would make the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal for you. This allows you to hit up all the places that mean so much to you and your love. Plus, what could be more fun than looking back on your time together while planning your engagement. Pro tip: While you want to keep your partner on their toes, don’t make the scavenger hunt impossible to figure out. Each clue should lead them to a different location (or part of your house) and you could be waiting at the final clue to pop the question.

Book an appointment at the Jewelers

If you’re proposal plan is for your partner to choose their own engagement ring, why not book a surprise shopping trip at the jewelry store on V-day? Just ask them to meet you at a nearby coffee shop or café and then guide them to the store before asking them the big question and leading them inside to select the ring of their dreams!

But keep in mind that proposing on a holiday can be cheesy and they might be expecting it. No matter what you plan, think of ways you can surprise them or keep them off track. Most of it, make it memorable.

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