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Bride We Love: Emilie's Maui Beach Wedding

For Emilie and Buck, it was written in the stars.
Emilie's maui beach wedding
Emilie's Maui Beach Wedding


Emilie knew Buck was the man she’d marry on the night of their first date. As she drove home from her evening with him, the moon seemed brighter, the sky calmer, and she described feeling "an overwhelming sense of peace.” A few days later, Emilie received the news that her beloved father had passed away; she is certain it was he who brought the bright moon and easy serenity, tacitly giving his approval that Buck was the partner for her.

Emilie felt Buck was the one in other ways, too. He was the first man she dated who made a true effort to get to know her family and friends. She watched him interact with her young niece and nephews, recognizing instantly that he would be a remarkable dad. And of course, their values aligned. They challenged each other, but in a healthy way. And they allowed each other the space to be who they are, while loving each other regardless (Sounds pretty perfect to us).


Emilie’s favorite wedding moment, (in Maui!): watching her husband’s reaction to her walking down the aisle. As Emilie says, “It’s how a man should look at his wife whenever she enters the room.” (We couldn’t agree more).

The beauty of a destination wedding, (especially in Hawaii): Emilie and Buck spent a week vacationing with their closest family and friends, attending luaus, playing in the ocean, ziplining, snorkeling, fishing, watching the sunrise at Haleakala National Park and cruising the island on scooters. (So fun!)


Emilie called on her sisters and friends to help her dress shop. She found her dream gown at a bridal boutique in Sacramento. The dress, designed with delicate lace straps and a belt that highlights the waist, is accented with intricate lace and hand beadwork, and features a modern, playful back. “…it captured the light perfectly,” said Emilie.


You Make It Easy, by Jason Aldean. According to Emilie, one of the hardest decisions they made! (It turned out to be perfect).


Emilie and Buck chose a small, simple wedding cake—vanilla with fresh raspberries and lilikoi (think passionfruit) frosting, accented with flowers, macarons and drip frosting (They also served raspberry macarons, a tribute to Buck’s grandmother, “Nanny,” whose garden was his childhood playground and raspberry-picking heaven).


What makes Emilie feel most beautiful? A great hair and makeup day, but most of all, Buck, who reminds her every day.
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