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First-Timer's Guide to Micro Weddings in 2022

What It Means, What to Wear, and Everything Else You Need to Know

planning a micro wedding

What is a Micro Wedding?

It gives you the elements of a traditional wedding with a smaller number of guests, usually 30 or under. But it's up to you to define "micro," which is really more about a vibe than a number. In short, a micro wedding is a more intimate occasion that gives you the opportunity to spend solid time with your nearest and dearest. Bonus: you may have additional budget for decor, dinner, music, and other parts of the wedding given its size.

Micro Wedding Style: What to Wear?

While some brides may choose a timeless, traditional gown for their micro wedding, others go for a more relaxed or non-traditional aesthetic, little white dresses, jumpsuits, and chic separates.

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Everything Else You Need to Know

Going Places

Having a micro wedding also allows you more flexibility on venue, and opens up lots of possibilities for a weekend wedding, which will allow you to spend even more quality time with the people closest to you.

Keeping the Party Going

Many couples opt for a micro-wedding or intimate ceremony, followed by a post-wedding party for a larger group a few months down the road, whether virtually or in person.

Small but Stunning

Just because micro weddings are small doesn't mean you should shy away from having a registry or, as the bride, going however formal or casual you want. It's your wedding day!

The Guest List

While planning the guest list may be the most challenging aspect of a micro wedding, we usually recommend starting with immediate family and closest friends.

Getting Creative

The beauty of having a micro wedding is all in the freedom you have to create any kind of experience you want, for you, your partner, and your guests. Micro weddings are always memorable, and they're a wonderful way to celebrate with your loves ones.

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