First, take a long, deep breath…

It’s a giant decision in a sea of decisions, we know. This one, however, is particularly butterfly-inducing. Whatever kind of ring you do (or don’t) have in mind, here’s your insider cheat sheet, from Adrianna Papell and Kay Jewelers, on how to decide. Yay!


  • Choose a metal for the band, generally yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, or rose gold.
  • Choose a shape: the cut of the main diamond (or other gemstone) makes a tremendous impact on the ring, because each reflects light differently, sparkling in its own way.

Pause for A Quick Guide to Diamond Cuts…

Round-Cut: By far the most popular. Why? Their shape maximizes the intensity of the diamond at the perfect reflection of light. They also look great in variety of ring settings.

Princess Cut: Also incredibly popular for its versatile shape and square or rectangle sides. Modern and geometrical, with lots of brilliance.

Emerald Cut: Loved for its art deco aesthetic, it has a rectangular cut and cropped corners. Its sparkle is understated, but its angled lines capture the diamond’s clarity beautifully.

Marquise Cut: Also called the Navette. It has feminine curved sides and pointed ends, an elegant oval. Its long, narrow silhouette creates an illusion that the diamond is larger than it is, and it has brilliant sparkle.

Radiant Cut: Known for dramatically catching the light, with deep-cut facets that allow for extra sparkle.

Pear Cut: Also called a Teardrop. A hybrid of styles, it’s a unique shape for vintage-inspired jewelry lovers.


  • How many carats? It depends on your personal preference. Some brides prefer a larger stone while others go for the clearest possible diamond, no matter the carat size.
  • Know Your 4 Cs: Become familiar with the 4 “Cs” of your diamond: color, cut, clarity and carat. That’s the best way to understand your ring’s value.
  • The setting sets the stage: while the diamond cut is hugely important, the setting will bring the overall look and feel of your ring to life. It’s important to choose a setting that works best with your diamond ring shape.

Looking for more guidance? Our stylists are always here to help. Just email and we’ll get right back to you! Congratulations and good luck!

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