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It’s intimate, personal, and often a lot more convenient and cost-effective than hosting your wedding at a larger venue or restaurant. Truly, the pros of hosting an at-home wedding are seemingly endless, especially during the current pandemic.

What to note: when planning and hosting an at-home wedding, you'll want to consider the following:

Size of Your Home and Outdoor Space

You'll want to be able to use the entire property in order to maximize the experience. Since it's likely the ceremony will be outdoors, you can work in your theme by coordinating with the natural beauty surrounding you.

Find design details that compliment your home

Work with what you have and amplify it! We highly recommend hiring a florist for a consultation and have them look at your property and see what types of flowers and foliage would complement your space.

Have a back-up plan

Weather can be unpredictable, so if your ceremony will be outdoors, it’s always to prepare for the worst case scenario. Tents are a helpful option so make sure you research the costs and styles of a potential tent rental.

Hire a cleanup crew

Since there will be a lot of foot traffic happening in and out of your home, having a cleanup crew take care of the mess will save your time and sanity so you can focus on what’s really important, celebrating!

Hire a planner and/or day of coordinator

While you may feel comfortable and confident knowing that your ceremonies will be at your home, having a professional that day will put your mind at ease. They can guide you and your guests with the agenda and make sure that all the caterers, photographers, and staff is going according to plan.

Rent extra furniture and supplies

Since you’ll definitely be needing extra storage and seating for your at-home wedding, try to find wedding supply rental companies near you and decide what are some of the main pieces you may need to make your outdoor wedding a lot more stylish.

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