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Living in Day Dresses

Living in Day Dresses

Dresses for every kind of day, aka Day Dresses.
Here, the top 10 reasons why they’ve become our go-to, every day of the week:
1. They’re chic, comfortable, ready-in-seconds styles that make it easy to look amazing.

2.     They feel just the right amount of dressy, without being “dressed up.”
3.     They’re feminine and modern, soft and striking.
4.     They’re available in so many different prints, patterns and colors, which makes them really easy to personalize.
5.     They can run errands or run a business, travel beautifully or work from home.
6.     They go from season to season just by adding the right sweater or jacket.
7.     They’re a closet staple, as essential as jeans and as versatile as a great tee.
8.     They can be dressed up or down, go out for the evening or host dinner for 2.
9.     They’re the most customizable uniform ever, made yours with favorite accessories, cover-ups, shoes, and a great bag.
10.  They let you focus on the week ahead, knowing you’re dressed beautifully to go (or stay) just about anywhere

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