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We’re firm believers in the fact that when you feel good, you look beautiful, so when it comes to choosing your mother of the bride or groom shoes for wedding day, we’re all about making sure you’re comfortable, inside and out. Here, our guide to finding the shoes that let you shine.



We know you probably know this, but we’ll say it anyway. While that dreamy high arch and irresistibly elegant, very high heel is calling, remember that you don’t want to be wincing in pain halfway through the ceremony, getting stuck in the grass or experiencing any other discomfort on her big day (and yours, too!) Remember, as the mother of the bride or groom you’ll be on your feet for a long time, and you want to enjoy every second of the wedding. Of course, if you’re a stiletto pro, aka, entirely comfortable for hours upon hours in 4-inch heels, we say go for it. (Also, what’s your secret? ) For everyone else, we’ve put together a list of our favorite stiletto alternatives, starting with the wedge.



Height without the hassle. We love the wedge as an alternative to a skinny heel. Wedge heels have all the benefits of a stiletto, but with a block heel—a more comfortable (and stable) platform. The wedge heel’s soft angles, versus the steep and dramatic angles of stilettos, provide the same added height but put less pressure on the balls of the feet, which means significantly more comfort.



Think of it as a modified stiletto, aka one you can walk in. Audrey Hepburn made it iconic, and the kitten heel remains as chic and sophisticated as ever. At a heel height of 1-2 inches, kitten heels are comfortable, leg-lengthening and can easily go as formal as any stiletto.


Sandals are always a good idea, and look equally elegant in flat and heeled styles. Summer is the most obvious season for a strappy sandal, but you can wear sandals throughout the year, with more covered options for cooler months.



When choosing your shoes for the wedding day, we like to keep 3 fundamental factors in mind:

1.     Style (obviously)
2.     Comfort (key)
3.     Confidence (how you feel is everything)


Start wearing your shoes before the big day—to other special occasions, or just around the house. Getting accustomed to walking around in them, even just a little, can make a big difference on wedding day.

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