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How to keep your in-laws involved in your wedding, (without letting them take over.)

Weddings are, needless to say, a joyful family affair, and everybody wants to be a part of them. Remember, your loved ones' intentions are usually good. (We’re optimists.)

But we recognize that In-laws, and parents in general, for that matter, may often have strong opinions on the type of wedding, ceremony, or party you should have. Just remember, it’s your day. Your people love you. They’re just trying to help. So in turn, we’re helping you out with some diplomatic advice that keeps the peace and gets everyone focused on the joy of the wedding experience.


  • Let your in-laws feel heard and remind them that their opinions about your wedding matter. (They might even have some genius ideas!)
  • Provide a set number of wedding guests for your in-laws to invite. (This will avoid the 60 additional guests you’ve never met making song requests.)
  • Include your in-laws! Give them wedding tasks, and let them help you shorten your bride’s to-do list! This, we are quite certain, will make everybody happy.
  • Say what you mean but don’t say it mean: communication is really If you don’t want to pursue your in-laws’ ideas, you can simply tell them you’d like to think about it before committing, and thank them for their suggestion.
  • Set boundaries early. Remember, your in-laws mean well and want to share in your happy day. Include them and hear them and celebrate them, just don’t let them take over the parts of your wedding that you’re, well, married to…


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