Ideas for Prom: From Invitations to the After Party



You've dreamed about prom since the first day of high school, and now that the actual event is fast approaching, you want it to be perfect. From the initial invitation to the post-prom after party, make every moment of your prom experience special with these tips covering every aspect of the big day.

Prom Invitation Ideas: How to Invite Your Prom Date

Ensure a yes with creative, clever prom invitation ideas that get your date excited about the event. Prom invitations aren't one-invite-fits-all, so you need to tailor your pitch to your date's personality. A romantic teen might enjoy being asked via a formal hand-written invitation, while an animal lover might respond better to an invitation delivered attached to a favorite pet's collar. If you need some inspiration, here are a few fun ideas for popping the prom question:


  • Fill a bunch of balloons with different messages, including one that asks "Will you be my prom date?" and let your intended date go on a popping spree.
  • Arrange the pepperoni on a pizza or the sushi on your tray to spell out "Prom?" on your next dinner date.
  • Write your prom invitation on the bottom of a coffee mug and serve your would-be date a latte.
  • Pop the prom question by spelling out your invitation in post-it notes attached to a wall at school, a garage door, or the side of a car.
  • Convince the crowd at your school's next big game to hold up signs that spell out your invitation.
  • Bake a cake or cupcakes with the invitation to prom spelled out on top, then share the tasty treat after your date agrees to go.

Prom Photos Ideas: How to Capture Your Prom Night

While the formal photos taken at prom tangible reminders of the night, capturing the entire event on film from start to finish can help you remember every moment. Classic prom photo ideas include pictures of the pre-prom preparations with your friends, a shot of the two of you at your date's home and a group shot in front of the limo or party bus. Prom group picture ideas include pictures of everyone in front of the venue, photos of the group eating dinner together before the dance and fun shots of the whole group goofing off in formal wear on a nearby beach or pier.


Take a small disposable camera with you to prom to get retro-looking pictures without having to worry about loss or breakage. If you're using your cell phone as a prom camera, choose a specific filter setting to give all of the night's photos a consistent look. If someone in your group knows a lot about photography and how to take prom pictures, put that person in charge of the best camera you've got.

Amazing & Unusual Prom Transport: How to Get To Prom in Style

Your grand entrance at prom is a big moment, and unique prom transport ideas can make your arrival more spectacular. Rent a vintage vehicle or convertible as your transport for prom to attract attention even before you step into the building. If your idea of an ideal prom involves having all of your best friends arriving together, renting a party bus to transport you to and from prom keeps the camaraderie going all night long. For a creative way to get just the two of you to prom and back when the venue is nearby, consider using matching bicycles, renting horses or hiring a pedicab.

Prom After Party Ideas: What to Do After Prom

Prom night isn't over when the formal dance ends. Plan for an all-night celebration with after-party ideas that let the fun linger on. From simple moments shared on the beach with your date to full-on house parties, post-prom after parties include plenty of options. If your after prom get-together includes the whole group, arrange parental supervision beforehand so everyone gets permission to stay out until dawn or later. Prior to the party, create rules and regulations with your chaperones to ensure the event goes off without a hitch but everyone is comfortable with the night’s activities.


Here are some after prom party ideas activities you might consider:


  • Attending a late-night showing of a popular movie or renting an entire movie theater out to watch the group's favorite prom-related flick
  • Having a karaoke session to show off your vocal skills
  • Hitting the all-night bowling alley, pizza parlor or skating rink
  • Hosting a bonfire on the beach where everyone can cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows while telling stories of their best high-school adventures over the past four years
  • Heading to the lake house or a popular local campsite for a full weekend getaway with your best high school friends before you all graduate


No matter where you decide to head after prom, you’ll need something to wear that's more casual than your formal attire. Casual dresses or clothing from the Adrianna Papell collection will keep you looking on-trend during your post-prom adventures.

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