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Bridesmaid Help: What Do You Wear to the Bachelorette Party?

What Do Bridesmaids Wear to the Bachelorette?

Bachelorette party dress for bridesmaid
Bachelorette outfits for bridesmaids

You have lots of choices. Here, bachelorette outfits for every kind of bridesmaid, plus our cheat sheet on how to choose the look that's right for you.

Consider the Venue

As a bridesmaid, choosing your bachelorette outfit is all about feeling beautiful and celebrating your bride. To narrow your choices, think about the vibe of the evening. Is it a wild night out or an elegant dinner in? Either way, make sure you choose a dress that complements the energy of the occasion. If you're headed out all night, a cocktail dress or LBD is a great way to go. If a 5-course dinner calls, consider a tea-length dress, hand-beaded sheath, or striking jumpsuit

Dress According to the Activities

Think about how you and your crew will be spending the evening. Does the bride want to be out and about at multiple destinations, or is it a low-key bachelorette spa weekend? Remember that no matter what sorts of festivities are planned, your bridesmaid outfit(s) for the bachelorette should be comfortable, easy to move in, (aka dance in). and effortless, so you can focus on having fun. If you're going to be outside, remember to look for a coordinating wrap for your bridesmaid outfit should warm bachelorette evenings turn into cooler nights.

Show Off Your Style

As a bridesmaid, this is a great opportunity to express your individual style, especially by amping up your look with playful accessories and favorite sparkle.

Looking for more advice on how to choose a bridesmaid outfit for the bachelorette party? We're always happy to chat. Just email us: and one of our stylists will get right back to you!

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