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"Will You Be My Bridesmaid": 10 Fun Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaid proposal ideas

10 Ways to Pop the Question: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

There are endlessly imaginative ways to ask your nearest and dearest to be in your bridal party, whether as Maid of Honor or one of your bridesmaids. Creating a personalized and/or unexpected experience for asking your loved ones to be a part of your wedding day will make the request feel even more meaningful, to both you and your bridal party.


Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: 10 Fun Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor

1. The Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box

We love the idea of presenting each bridesmaid with a personal box of curated gifts that reflect moments you've shared together, as well as each individual's personal tastes.


2. The Bridesmaid Puzzle

When you're asking loved ones to be your bridesmaid or fill another in your wedding party, it's always nice to choose a gift that will serve as a reminder of your friendship, a gift that itself creates a memorable experience. Ideally, you want to choose a gift that will in itself provide a memorable experience. Personalized puzzles are lighthearted, fun, and can even be framed.

Bridesmaid proposal box


3. Bridesmaid Fortune Cookies

Cookies are always a great way to deliver an invitation to be a bridesmaid. Individual fortunes create a charming and surprising experience for everyone.

Bridesmaid proposal fortune cookies


4. Spa Time

Make a day of it! Book a spa day for you and your potential bridesmaids, then surprise them with invitations and custom-embroidered bath robes, towels, or eye masks.

Bridesmaid proposal spa kit


5. The Mani/Pedi

An easy and always-creative option for getting your besties together to do nails. Fun idea: give your bridesmaids custom invitations in the form of nail polish bottles!


6. Elevate Your Invites

Everybody loves a charm bracelet. Give one to each person you plan to ask to be a bridesmaid and customize it according to their individual personalities.

Bridesmaid proposal pedicure


7. A Custom Jewelry Box

A great (and super useful) way to pop the question. Give each of our potential bridesmaids a jewelry box, and fill it with an invite or even an accessory or two.

Bridesmaid proposal jewelry box


8. Custom Crosswords

Clever and fun. We love customized crosswords because you can express so many different messages to the people who mean the most to you. A great way to ask each of them to be a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor.

Bridesmaid proposal crossword puzzle


9. Personalized Wine Labels

If your friends are wine connoisseurs, it's always a fun idea to print custom wine labels with personalized messages inviting them to be in your bridal party (You could also include a handwritten toast to each potential bridesmaid about why they are so important to you).

10. The Iconic Coffee Mug

An ever-appreciated gift. And no matter your besties' drink of choice, you'll be giving your potential bridesmaids a (small) piece they'll have forever, which both marks the occasion and represents your individual relationships.

Choosing the best bridesmaid proposal gifts is all about letting your friends and family know how much you value them. If the gift or bridesmaid proposal you choose is thoughtful and personal, you can't go wrong.

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