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Bride We Love: Caitlin’s Franklin Quarry Wedding

Caitlin's quarry wedding in Franklin
Wins "Most Dedicated to her Bridesmaids" award
Caitlin's franklin quarry wedding
Caitlin's Franklin Quarry Wedding

When Caitlin got engaged in December of 2019, she had no idea what was coming just a few months later. Christmas has been very special to Caitlin and her (now) husband since their earliest days together, and Caitlin knew she wanted a Christmas wedding.

The Wedding Venue

As luck would have it, Caitlin secured her dream venue, Graystone Quarry, in Franklin, TN. The venue had only one Saturday open in December of 2020; she booked it on the spot and started planning.

All About the Sparkle

Caitlin, a self-described "sparkle-girl," loves jewel tones and was set on choosing sparkly bridesmaids dresses. When she went to select them, she played with a palette of different colors, ultimately settling on navy blue and merlot for her bridesmaids, and emerald for her maid of honor. (Love that!)
Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and to Caitlin's dismay, the designer was no longer making the dresses she had chosen.

A New Relationship

It was back to the drawing board for Caitlin. She needed sparkly dresses within her color scheme, and a designer who could actually make them. (Take a guess—okay we'll tell you: it was us.) When Caitlin worked with her local boutique, Bella Bridesmaids, to find new dresses, she immediately gravitated toward Adrianna Papell; for Caitlin, it was simply a matter of choosing a silhouette. She decided on a refined off-the-shoulder style she told us was "so elegant." Caitlin was also delighted to see how well the silhouette she chose worked on so many different figures.

Great Planning = Ahead of Schedule

Franklin quarry wedding bridesmaid dresses

Caitlin was happy and relieved to know that we were able to make the dresses mid-pandemic. (Caitlin moved up the order deadline to ensure the dresses would arrive on time, even if there were production delays. (So smart.) To Caitlin's surprise, her bridesmaids dresses arrived three weeks ahead of schedule.

Completing the Look

Caitlin accessorized her bridesmaids dresses with simple (but sparkly!) gold drop earrings and camel stoles. (Sounds gorgeous!)

Caitlin, you seem like a dream bride to us. Lucky bridesmaids!
Congratulations on your wedding!

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