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Keeping Your Mother-of-the-Bride dress perfect, all night long.

As Mother of the Bride or groom, your dress needs to stay looking beautiful before, during and well after the ceremony. Being such an important part of the bridal party also means lots of opportunity for stains, from (happy) tears (and runny eyeliner) to champagne toasts to outdoor elements. Here, ALL the ways to keep your Mother of the Bride dress clean throughout the wedding, plus what to keep on hand:

General Mishaps:

For any Mother of the Bride dress stain, start by using a clean white towel to blot away moisture or a dull knife to lift away any residue. If the stain is oily, immediately sprinkle with baby powder to absorb the oil. Always spot treat the stain by working from the outer edges toward the inside. (Before using any type of stain removal stick, always test it on the underside hem to make sure there is no color change or damage.)

Red Wine: Wedding toasts can often mean spills. Use a clean white towel to absorb as much wine as possible. Then dab gently with a warm, damp cloth, moving from the outer edges of the stain to the middle. Cover up any discoloration with baby powder.

Food/Grease: Cover the stain with baby powder to absorb the oil, then let it sit for 15 minutes and brush away. Repeat if necessary. Wet a cotton swab and dab from the outer edges of the stain to the middle. Cover any remaining stain with baby powder.

Makeup/Lipstick: Try using a stain removal stick, dabbing from the outside edges toward the center. Cover with baby powder.

Dirt/Soil (Outdoor Wedding): First, rub with a dry towel. Then gently use a damp cloth to remove the stain. Be sure not to rub; just lightly brush the fabric with the cloth.

Every Mother of the Bride Needs: Your Style Emergency Care Kit

We recommend traveling everywhere with the following:

  • Baby powder
  • Safety pins/Double-sided tape (for accidental rips)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Stain removal pen
  • Mini lint brush

Most important, have a great time at the wedding, dance the night away, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

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