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First, take a long, deep breath…

This is going to be so much fun, if not a little overwhelming! Where do you start? What should you consider? Do you have a vision of your dream wedding gown? Why are there so many questions? Fear not, we’ve gathered our stylists to help give you a stress-free start to choosing your wedding dress. (We recommend printing out this list and keeping it on hand when you decide to start looking.)

  • Do Your Research: Jump on Pinterest, flip through magazines, check out the bridal runways, and see what speaks to you. Do the dresses you love all have something in common? Bring your favorite pics to your bridal appointment so you can discuss them with your stylist.
  • You may have your heart set on a dress you’ve imagined for years. Just remember, your stylist might just help you discover a style that’s even dreamier.
  • It helps to have your theme decided before you choose your dress, so it coordinates with the overall aesthetic of the wedding.
  • Think about whether you want to go modern, classic, romantic, glamorous, ultra-feminine, simple and chic or something else entirely.
  • It’s super important to bring people along who will help make the experience fun and stress-free. (Please note that due to the current pandemic, each bridal salon maintains individual hours and requirements, such as how many people may accompany you. Please call your local salon for specifics.)
  • The wedding gown that makes you feel the most beautiful is likely the one.
  • Wear or bring all of these with you to your appointment; it’s best to mirror (at least approximately) how you plan to style the rest of your look on the big day.
  • Don’t hold back in telling your stylist exactly what you want…and don’t It will help both of you narrow your decision and make the process far more productive, too.
  • Take a close look at the top of your wedding dress, since it’s the area that will likely appear most frequently in wedding photos, especially at dinner or while dancing. Make sure you’re comfortable when sitting and that the neckline doesn’t need frequent readjusting.
  • Of course, we can offer an abundance of what to consider when choosing your dream dress, but as for hard-and-fast rules, forget them. Go for what makes you feel beautiful, inside and out.

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