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How to Style the Perfect Holiday Dress

How to Style the Perfect Holiday Dress

I’ll be the first to admit that 2020 has become the year of yoga pants. In fact, when Stay at Home ordinances began, I practically jumped for joy that nothing would come between me and my loungewear for the foreseeable future. I was surprised, however, to find that after a month of stretchy pants and comfy tees, I missed getting ready and feeling amazing in my outfits every morning. I missed wearing statement pieces that would have my friends asking where I found them, and most of all, I missed how great I felt when I got dressed up! While yoga pants still hold a very special place in my heart, I’ve gone back to my routine of dressing to take on the world every morning, and I’ve never felt better!


If there’s ever been a year to step back and enjoy feeling and looking your best with the people you love, 2020 is IT! No matter where you celebrate or who you celebrate with, here are some great ways to make your look stand out this holiday season.

Show off Your Legs

Nothing says you’re coming out of hibernation looking and feeling better than ever like showing off a little leg. As a petite lady myself, I swear by a slightly higher hem. It can lengthen and slim while also adding an extra splash of sass to an outfit. If you’re going out, consider a more fitted option like these beaded cocktail dresses. They hit a few inches above the knee for a fun yet practical fit and even come in a long and short sleeved design! Planning for a more low key celebration? A wrap dress like the rose print wrap dress is slightly less formal but keeps you feeling classy and modern no matter the venue.

Add a Festive Wrap

One thing’s for sure, you do not want to head out for a holiday event soon to realize you’re going to be freezing all night. A faux fur cape keeps you oh-so cozy and elevates your entire look! If you’re planning for just a light layer, the beaded pashmina shawl is the perfect elegant accessory and pairs well with any color.

Steal the Show with Sequins

Forget the holiday decorations, all eyes will go to you when you walk in the room! I’m such a pushover when it comes to sequins and beading for the holidays because they add so much fun and color as the season gets colder and less vibrant. This year’s fall and winter lines are stunningly intricate when it comes to detail, and no-one does it better than Adrianna Papell. If you’re heading out for a formal event, the Cap Sleeve Beaded Gown is a show stopper! It adds a beautifully defined beaded waist with a uniquely lattice designed beading over the skirt and bodice. For a fun sassy option, the Sleeveless Beaded Cocktail Dress is one of our favorite looks!

Wherever, however you celebrate this season, health and happiness to you!

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