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Bride We Love: Leah's Chapel Wedding

Yes to Prom, I Do to Forever.
Leah and David's Chapel Wedding
Leah and David's Wedding

True Tests

Leah and David's relationship tests

“There were so many occasions when I wished I could fast forward…but I’m so thankful our relationship endured all that it did; we showed each other that both of us were in dedicated to each other forever. I don’t have a specific moment when I realized David was the one; there are countless moments. And every hardship we endured brought us closer together,” said Leah.

So Much Love

David's first look of Leah in her wedding dress

Aka, the look on David’s face the first time he saw her as a bride, aka, Leah’s favorite part of the wedding. Knowing that David tends to reserve emotion in public, Leah arranged for only her photographer/videographer team to be present for the moment. They closed the doors to the chapel and didn’t allow anyone in until it happened. As Leah described, “David stood close to the altar and I stood at the other end of the aisle. When he turned around, his face made my heart melt and I fell even more in love with him.”

The Wedding Dress

Leah's wedding dress

Leah absolutely loved her dress. “I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world wearing it,” she said. “I had an idea of what I wanted going into the appointment, but everything I tried on felt like I was wearing someone else's dress. I wanted something unique, but classic.” After Leah tried on the 6th or 7th gown, her consultant's eyes lit up as she pronounced to Leah: "I know exactly what you need." She returned with the dress, and Leah swooned: it was perfect–a unique, striking front with a delicate white lace cape overlay. Leah knew she wanted to wear something a little more relaxed for the later part of the reception and send off (She quick-changed into a white jumpsuit about 45 minutes before the reception).

The Wedding Reception

Leah and David's wedding reception


  • Color Theme: Classic neutrals with a little shimmer: black, grey and white with touches of gold.
  • First Dance: “Best Part of Me” by Ed Sheeran.
  • The Cake: simple, delicious, classic, just like the wedding: a mix of chocolate and vanilla.
  • Last Dance: “Make You Feel My Love” by Sleeping at Last (Think empty reception room, guests lining up for send-off, a last dance song “just for us,” explained Leah. This was, by the way, her second favorite part of the wedding). To us, sounds like the entire experience was pretty magical.

Leah, On Wearing Life Beautifully…

“I feel most beautiful when I am succeeding at a new challenge. Knowing that David and I would be married and living on our own soon, I came up with creative and money-saving ways to fill our house with pieces we love, pieces have meaning to us both. I worked incredibly hard, and our home decor turned out to be a great success; it gave me such a confidence boost that it was impossible not to feel beautiful and proud…like I could take on the world.”

Congratulations, Leah & David!

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