What Stylish Moms Wear to All the Events Before the Wedding

What to wear on the big day, and every occasion leading up to it.

What should the mother of the bride wear
Mother of the bride attire

Her wedding day (if you can believe it) is right around the corner. We’ve put together everything you need to know (along with outfit suggestions) about dressing for one of life’s most important and anticipated occasions.

The Engagement Party

Remember, this isn’t only about the wedding day; you’ll likely have multiple events leading up to her I Do. The engagement party is typically the first big occasion associated with the wedding. You’ll want to choose a look that’s refined, elegant, and most important, happy. It’s all about joy, color and celebration.

Just the Two of You

We love the idea of spending time just with Mom before wedding day—a 5-star lunch, an impulse shopping trip, or just a glass of champagne at a favorite restaurant. Dressing for an occasion like this is all about flexibility (You may end up taking a walk after lunch, or deciding to stay at the restaurant for dinner). That said, versatility is your best friend. Choose a look that’s comfortable and refined, but not too formal, a look that can go almost anywhere and be appropriate (Hint: a great pair of trousers + a hand-beaded top, an amazing jumpsuit).

The Bridal Shower

Here’s an occasion you may also be hosting or helping to organize. Whether you're host or guest, you’ll want to keep it, what we call, casual chic—a timeless cocktail dress, an elegant, monochromatic jumpsuit, a refined skirt + charming top.

The Rehearsal Dinner

mother of the bride rehearsal dinner attire

While it all depends on the size and feel of the wedding, the rehearsal dinner is often a dressed-up but more off-the-cuff celebration than the formal wedding ceremony. It’s a great way for the bride, groom and everyone in the extended family to take a breath, relax, and just have fun celebrating. There are plenty of style directions to take here—but we love an iconic evening or cocktail dress for the rehearsal dinner—either option serves as the perfect canvas for adding personal style, aka meaningful jewelry, and lets you shine from the inside out.

The Bachelorette Party

If you’re not invited, don’t take it personally. If you are, time to start planning your outfit! For Moms attending bachelorette parties, we suggest going for a striking jumpsuit or shimmering separates. Remember, you may be hopping, riding, or walking to multiple locations, so you want to keep your outfit festive, fun, and comfortable (That includes the shoes!).

A Complete Closet

This is going to be so much fun. To recap, we're guessing you’ll need looks for the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, (possibly) the bachelorette, and of course, the big day itself (Recommended Reading on that: Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide). Congratulations, and have fun!

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