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Mother of the Bride Trend Alert: Waistless Gowns

Mother of the bride waistless gown


Mother of the bride waistless gowns
Waistless gowns for mother of the brides

When it comes to dressing for wedding day, and all the events leading up to it, we can't get enough of our signature waistless silhouette. We love our ultra-flattering waistless gowns, (especially for mothers-of-the-bride), for more reasons than we can count. But here are our top 5:

The Most Flattering Waistless Silhouette

Our waistless gowns flow beautifully down the figure, with just enough room for movement and just enough structure to create a streamlined shape.

Your Ultimate Comfort Zone

The waistless silhouette also happens to be remarkably comfortable and easy to move in. (We know many a mother-of-the-bride who has chosen it for dancing alone).

The Definition of Effortless Elegance

The waistless gown creates elegance from ease and simplicity. (Of course, there are plenty of hand-beaded and accented gowns that add texture and shine).

The Forever Dress

The waistless gown is one that's timeless, ageless, and always in style, which means you can wear it on wedding day, and on so many more of your own special occasions, Mother-of-the-Bride aside.

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Making It Yours

Finally, we love the waistless gown because its simple silhouette gives you so much freedom to add (subtle) jewelry or other accents that make your Mother-of-the-Bride look all your own.

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