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My New Favorite Brand

My New Favorite Brand

Fashion posts are so much fun for me, this one especially. As a Mom, (and a woman of a certain age,) the world often dictates how to dress and even how to act. But age should never be a factor when it comes to true style. My goal for this blog is to encourage women my age to wear what feels good, not what others say you “should!”


I’ve always promised that I’ll never promote a brand I don’t believe in wholeheartedly, which is why I’m so excited to share my experience with Adrianna Papell, an exquisite, beautifully made occasion and bridal collection that’s affordable and worth it.


It’s family-owned and run. (My blog is also a family venture; both my daughters work on social media and brand collaboration.) For me, family-led companies garner my trust immediately. Adrianna Papell is also incredibly inclusive, with sizes from 00-30, including Petites and Plus! They make dresses for every single occasion you can imagine, from weddings to black-tie galas to bridal showers and their designs are iconic and elegant. I also love them because they sent me three gorgeous outfits to try on and share my (honest) opinion—so here goes!

The Sleeveless Mikado Fit & Flare Midi Dress

My first choice, and with good reason. I love a fit-and-flare silhouette. It’s so ultra-feminine, it makes me feel like twirling! The dress fit like a dream. No alternations required, which is such a win for me. I often have to alter the length of my dresses.

Noteworthy Details:

A beautiful boat neckline and perfect tea-length skirt. The fabric is seriously stunning and clearly well-crafted, and the pleating on the skirt is so flattering.

Pockets! I love any dress with pockets. Doesn’t everyone?

Colors—it’s available in chic ivory and soft, pale blue.

Price! Wait for it…$160! I could not believe the quality and detail of this dress for that price.

This is most definitely my NYE dress this year. Even though we’re staying home, I’m still dressing up. (Strongly suggest.)


I love how this jumpsuit crosses over in the front, (so flattering) and features a subtle slit on one leg. It’s just a great little style detail. The fabric is a super comfortable stretch knit with a back zipper. I paired it with a short Chanel-inspired jacket that dressed it up even more. This is a great piece to wear any season.

Noteworthy Details:

Perfect fit! And also amazingly comfortable.

So Versatile! This is a piece you can dress up or down just by changing up your jewelry, shoes or cover-up.

Price! $199. I’m once again completely in awe of the price for such remarkable quality.

There’s always an occasion for the little white dress. I love this one because of the chic black detailing, comfy stretch knit and feminine flutter sleeves. It’s actually already sold out, BUT Adrianna Papell has an extensive selection of many more little white dresses, in styles and silhouettes for every occasion.

Noteworthy Details:

Perfect fit! Again, no alterations required. And I usually need them.

You Can Change It Up! This dress can easily go to a formal or semi-formal occasion just by changing your shoes, bags and/or jewelry.

Coverage! I love that it covers the tops of the arms.

Price! $149. Again, just so pleasantly surprised.

So that’s my honest review. Would I purchase these dresses on my own? Absolutely. Adrianna Papell features a wonderful selection for every occasion—at incredibly affordable prices.

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