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Bride We Love: Nicole's Warehouse Wedding

Bride We Love: Nicole's Warehouse Wedding
A one-of-a-kind friendship turned lasting love.
Rachel and Andrew friendship turned into marriage
Nicole and Andrew's Wedding

A Beautiful Friendship

Nicole and her husband Andrew began their relationship as friends. As Nicole described, "he was funny, cute, friendly—an all-around great, sociable guy." He complemented Nicole's slightly more introverted personality, and after some time, the two discovered that their friendship was growing deeper. Nicole found that she didn't want or need as much time to herself as she had in the past; she wanted to spend it all with Andrew.

So Much Love

Rachel's family and friends at wedding

First and foremost, Nicole's favorite part of the wedding was marrying Andrew. Beyond that, it was all about the love—celebrating with their closest family and friends, seeing the smiling faces of all their guests.

The Wedding Gown

Rachel's wedding gown

It was the first dress Nicole tried on. When she walked out of the fitting room she was full of happy tears—this was the dress for her. "It made me feel beautiful," Nicole said. A self-described "picky" person when it comes to style, the fact that Nicole's wedding gown was the first she tried on made the entire experience even more meaningful.

The First Dance

Rachel and Andrew's first dance at their wedding

Nicole and Andrew danced their first to the song, Forever to Go by Chase Rice.

The Cake

Rachel and Andrew's traditional wedding cake

The otherwise non-traditional couple served a traditional wedding cake, which helped add a classic vibe to the reception.

What makes Nicole feel most beautiful? Confidence. And the wedding gown she wore gavee her that feeling almost instantly.

All the right choices, and a little serendipity. We love love.

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