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Our Guide to Dressing for A Spring Wedding

Our Guide to Dressing for A Spring Wedding

It is predicted there will be a wedding boom in 2022 thanks to so many couples postponing their earlier wedding dates and all the newly engagement couples. So the chances are good your calendar is filling up with invitations to in-person wedding celebrations. Once you get your RSVP in, you’re going to be super excited to finally dress up again and celebrate with friends and family. “We are making up for two years of zoom weddings and can’t wait to get back to the days of celebrating all together,” said Elise, our superstar stylist.

If a spring wedding is in your forecast, we’re here to help you find the perfect dress or jumpsuit for every occasion and every style.

This spring, happy hues and pretty blooms are getting us so excited for all the spring weddings. But we also believe it’s okay to color outside the lines and take a fashion risk at a wedding. Jewel tones, classic LBDs and velvets are also wardrobe options. Just stay clear of wearing white or going too short as a wedding guest.

Before highlighting some of our favorites, here are a few tips for choosing the perfect spring wedding guest outfit:

Make sure your outfit not only looks good, but you feel good wearing it.

Consider the ceremony style and location when selecting your outfit.If the ceremony is on the beach, you should look at a maxi dress or a floral dress.

Select an outfit you feel confident in, a wedding is fun with so many Instagram-worthy moments.

Our Top Picks for a Springtime Wedding


There is no better time than spring to wear a romantic floral dress to a wedding. Go bold with a vibrant, oversized floral print or maybe a more delicate pattern in soft or pastel colors is more your speed. Either way, you’ll bring your own sunshine to the party. We love the faux wrap silhouette on this dress, it’s so flattering on everybody and is effortlessly chic to take with you to so many events, day to night. Plus the bold floral print is a fun pop of color and gives it a bohemian flair which is perfect to wear to a wedding and even bring with you on vacation.


If you’re invited to a spring wedding, first of all lucky you! There are so many amazing dress or jumpsuit choices to wear to the celebration. A midi dress is a fun option because it comes in so many colors and lots of sparkling embellishments. You just want to avoid anything too short. Loose-fitting and effortless chic, we love this sheath dress, especially the exquisite hand sewn beadwork on this dress because it speaks to the floral trend. The sheer trim along the neckline and hem lends a feminine touch to this dress.


We love seeing the fresh pops of color at a wedding. The happy color palette reminds us that spring is the season of optimism and the start of something new. We love everything about this dress, even the color name, rose mauve. The bold pink color will help you stand out in any crowd. We love the satin bodice with the twisted knot detail that flows into the crepe fabric below for body shaping. Perfect for bridal parties and wedding receptions. Pair with strappy sandals and sparkling jewelry for all of your celebratory occasions.


Chiffon fabrics are always an excellent choice for a spring wedding. The lightweight and flowing fabric are ideal for wedding guests and bridal parties. Chiffon gives a sense of serenity with their lightweight and lighthearted texture. Effortless and chic, we love this dress in a gorgeous floral print. Team with a strappy sandal and a bold accessory.


You don’t have to say ‘Yes’ to the dress. Jumpsuits make a fashion-forward alternative to wearing a dress. They are chic enough for a wedding yet comfortable enough to have you dancing all night long on the dance floor. 

Don't Forget the Perfect Accessory

Our NEW S’HUG®, is a versatile wrap made with tunnel sleeves so it never falls or slips.

While we are all so excited to celebrate this spring, weather is still so unpredictable. Temperatures can fluctuate so greatly. You can be comfortable one minute and then chilly the next. You’ll need to take your S’HUG® with you to stay warm at a spring wedding. Just drape it over your favorite new dress or jumpsuit. Perfect for any part of the wedding that may be outdoors.

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