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The Inside Story of Rydel Funk’s Wedding Dress

Rydel funk's wedding dress
Rydel Funk's Wedding Dress

Rydel funk wedding gown
Rydel Funk's Wedding Dress

Rydel Funk, (now Lynch), tastemaker, influencer and all-around beautiful woman, (with 1.6M Instagram followers, btw), asked us at Adrianna Papell to design a custom wedding dress for her marriage to Capron Funk. “I felt like a princess,” said Lynch, which pretty much sums it up the whole event. But we’re all about the details, and this post is all about Rydel’s wedding dress: truly dreamy, a creative and playful collaboration between Rydel Funk herself and our Adrianna Papell Platinum designers.

The Inspo

Rydel and capron wedding

Inspired from our Platinum Collection, Rydel Lynch’s custom-designed wedding dress took a cue from the femininity and flair of popular ‘80s silhouettes, with puff sleeves, a full skirt, a transparent lace bodice, and a playful heart cutout in the back (She accessorized with her own necklaces and long, glam veil). Rydel Funk’s wedding dress achieved the perfect balance of traditional, trending and fun.

The Collab

Rydel lynch wedding gown

Rydel’s 1.6M Instagram followers shared in a unique collaboration with Adrianna Papell’s Platinum Collection designer. It’s a modern fairy tale dress…and Rydel’s story is certainly a fairy tale come to life (Think grand staircase, white tulle, glowing gown).

“I’ve been waiting to be in a wedding dress for my entire life pretty much," Lynch has said. We’re so honored she chose Adrianna Papell Platinum.

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