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The Best White Dresses for Every Wedding Event

The Best White Dresses for Every Wedding Event

Here comes the bride - in a stunning little white dress.

Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s take a moment for the ring. Now that we’ve got that out of the way - let’s talk about your bridal style for everything you have coming up. There are many wedding events on the road to the big day - and our stylists have compiled the ultimate list of bridal events and what to wear to make planning a bit easier. Whether you’re a woman who loves the spotlight, or a bride who prefers a quieter approach to your engagement, these little white dresses for bridal events will make you feel comfortable when all eyes are on you.

When selecting a white dress or jumpsuit for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and beyond, there are 3 things to consider for each event:

  1. 1. Venue - Where is the party taking place? Does your outfit make sense for the location? For example, a white beaded cocktail dress would not be an ideal look for a beachside bridal shower, but a lightweight white day dress would look right at home.

  2. 2. The Time and Date of the Event - When is the party happening? This can eliminate some options or require the addition of accessories. If your bridal shower is taking place during a winter afternoon, you may opt for a long sleeve white dress or need to add a shawl. (Psst - you should check out our S’HUG® collection - it’s perfect for busy brides-to-be).

  3. 3. Aesthetic - This could be for both your personal style and the style of the event. If you’re having a tropical-themed engagement party to announce your plans for a destination wedding, choosing a beachy white dress with a silhouette you know looks great on you is the best way to go.


Time to celebrate! And what better way to announce your engagement than in a little white dress for your engagement party? Your engagement party dress will set the tone for your bridal style so don’t be afraid to play around with your look to find a white dress you love. It may be a style you would never have imagined. Here’s a white dress for an engagement party our stylists love:




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