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A Cheat Sheet to Appropriate Jumpsuit Attire and Outfits for Wedding Guests

Wedding jumpsuit attire and outfits

There’s something very satisfying about wearing a jumpsuit to a formal occasion. Even though it’s a single piece, just like a dress, it somehow feels easier. Sure, you still need to think about your shoes and accessories, but if all you do is put on a pair of heels, you’ll generally look more ‘done’ in a formal jumpsuit, whereas the same can’t necessarily be said of a dress. Still, though, what is appropriate jumpsuit attire for a wedding guest?


When it comes to being the best dressed guest when wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, the key is to choose a style that suits the location, venue, and overall dress code of the occasion. Here are a few tips and tricks for styling a jumpsuit for various types of weddings.

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit Attire for Formal Weddings

For a formal wedding, look for a jumpsuit that’s made from more formal fabrics—think silk, satin, brocade, or fluid crepe. It doesn’t hurt to look for embellishments such as beads, sequins, lace, or ruffles, either. Of course, just like a dress, the length of your jumpsuit matters: a formal wedding calls for a jumpsuit that has a full-length leg; anything shorter will feel too casual for a black tie dress code.

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit Attire for Casual Weddings

An all-in-one piece with a shorter length is often called a playsuit or a romper—a fitting name given its more casual, ‘play time’ associations. If you’re getting dressed for a casual wedding (and do make sure you confirm this by checking with the engaged couple or someone else in the bridal party; never assume a casual dress code!), a romper may be a suitable option. Alternatively, look for a jumpsuit in a laidback fabric such as cotton, linen, seersucker, or jersey.

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit Attire for Winter Weddings

The same rules for formal and casual weddings also apply to winter and summer weddings—the trick to dressing appropriately for the weather usually comes down to sleeve length, layers, and accessories. For a winter wedding, look for a jumpsuit with long sleeves, a higher neckline, and, if you think it’s going to be really cold, a tiny bit of extra room so you can layer on a bodysuit, a camisole, or even pantyhose underneath. Finish with a cashmere, fur or faux fur bolero, shawl, stole or scarf.

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit Attire for Summer Weddings

If you’re flying to a tropical island for a destination wedding, first of all, lucky you! And second of all, look for a jumpsuit that lets you wear flat shoes, or be prepared with wedge sandals—stiletto heels in sand or grass is never a good idea. If the forecast calls for humid weather, opt for a sleeveless or backless style, or one with cutout details that allow for air circulation to help keep you cool throughout the event. Natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen also tend to breathe a little better than synthetics.


Once you’ve chosen your jumpsuit, you need to choose a few accessories to finish the look. Earrings are always a great way to lift a jumpsuit: they tend to frame the face and there’s a huge range to suit your look, whether that’s elegant and sophisticated, Art Deco-themed, bold and colourful, or even slightly Bohemian. If you prefer to stick to necklaces or bracelets, be sure to try them on with your jumpsuit to ensure the neckline and sleeves don’t interfere with your jewelry.

The same goes with your shoes: a simple pair of heels is always a safe choice when it comes to accessorizing a jumpsuit, but if you prefer something more statement, such as a heel with bows or other embellishment, go for it—just be sure the pant leg of your jumpsuit can fall over your shoe or sit as it should.


Wedding guest pleated wide-leg jumpsuit

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Pleated Metallic Knit Wide-Leg Jumpsuit With Dolman Sleeves in Rose Gold

Versatile and suitable for both casual or more formal weddings, this jumpsuit has a soft, shimmering metallic hue that lends a sense of elegance, while flutter sleeves, a tie waist and wide-leg pants pair well with flat sandals for more casual occasions. Keep the accessories simple with this chic style.


Wedding guest pink blouson jumpsuit

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Signature Blouson Lightweight Jumpsuit in Super Pink

This lightweight stretch twill jumpsuit is ideal for destination or more casual weddings. Comfortable, with a flattering blouson bodice, it has a statement pink hue that stands out on the dance floor.


Wedding guest colorblock jumpsuit

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Colorblock Jumpsuit with Skirt Overlay in Black Ivory

Modern and unique, this jumpsuit looks like a full-length gown from the back thanks to a dramatic skirt overlay that extends from the chic, sleeveless, fitted bodice. Made from a lightweight, comfortable crepe, it’s an ideal wedding guest look for any dress code and suits almost any accessory you choose.

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