Bridal Shower Game Ideas


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You can't have a wedding without the bridal shower. It is a great time for friends and guests together to have a party, enjoy everyone's company, and help the bride kick off the amazing new life she will begin with her groom. Whether you plan to have a girls' only party or to get the guys in on a coed bridal shower, you can make it a fun and sophisticated event with these free bridal shower games.

Who is the Guest?

You have gathered together a diverse collection of friends over the years. Yet not every friend of yours has met the other people in your life. The "Who is the Guest?" game is an icebreaker activity so that your close friends can learn about the other guests they are meeting for the first time.


What you will need: Gather information from each guest before the bridal shower and write the details down in a checklist. Make copies of the checklist and provide each player with a pen or pencil.


Game rules: Pass out the checklist and have everyone mingle. The guests can give clues to help people figure out which checklist item applies to them. The person who has the most answers on the first try is the winner.

Do You Know Your Spouse? Trivia Challenge

This game is a spin-off of the Newlywed Game. The bride (or groom) must answer questions about their soon-to-be spouse and their relationship. This game is a fun way to see how much they know about their fiancé!


What you will need: You will need to interview the groom (or bride) regarding their relationship before the bridal shower day. Ask specific questions and record their answers to be played back at the bridal shower. You may also write them down, or, if playing together, use a dry erase board to reveal the answers as you go.


Game rules: Give the paper and pen, or dry erase board, to the bride/groom. Ask them questions about their spouse and their relationship as they can write down their answers. Then play the video as the bride and groom can see what the other person said about those same questions. You can also get the other guests involved as they can shout out or write down their answers.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

The wedding scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for coed bridal shower games. You can make it an even more exciting game by making it interactive for guests if the party is being hosted in the bride's and groom's hometown.


What you will need: Create scavenger hunt lists with clues that involve the bride and groom, such as places where they had their first date or their first kiss that guests can walk to. You can also rent limousines that can take guests to certain places where the scavenger hunt clue is located. At the location, there can be certain prizes such as gifts or even cocktail drinks. You also purchase small items that the guests must pick up out of baskets and bring back with them to show that they found the location.


Game rules: Guests are split up into teams as they try to find all the places and items on the list. You can set a time limit for the game and set a meeting spot, such as a restaurant, to see which teams found the most items or guessed the most places to find out who won.

How Old is the Bride/Groom?

Looking for other coed bridal shower games? The How Old is the Bride/Groom game can also be played by anyone. It is also a great game for bridal showers that have younger guests. It is a simple game that can take guests down memory lane and bring up fun memories about the bride and the groom.


What you will need: You will need to gather photos of the bride and the groom at certain ages in their lives. Find a wall, table or cardboard stand where the photos can be displayed so everyone can see them. You will also need slips of paper and pens so guests can write down their answers.


Game rules: Each guest has to figure out the age of the bride and groom in the displayed photos. The person who has the right answer—or comes closest—for the most photos is the winner. The guests can tell stories of what was happening at the time when the photo was taken as everyone can share their memories of that time.

Wedding Movie Charades

Wedding Movie Charades is another one of those free bridal shower games that can really get everyone laughing and having fun. It is also a fabulous game for a coed wedding shower. If you don't know a lot of wedding movies, you can select movies that you and the groom enjoy watching the most and have your guests act those out.


What do you need: Create pre-written cards with wedding movie names on them ahead of the bridal shower.


Game rules: Split up the guests into two teams. Each guest will pick up a card and act out a scene from the movie. Their team members must guess the movie in 4 minutes. The team that guesses the most movies is the winner. Really want to put on the pressure? Grab an egg timer from the kitchen or your favorite board game and have the teams race against the clock!

Ready for the Shower?

Bridal shower games are a great way to get friends and family together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It is also a time when the bride can relax and have fun before her big wedding day.


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