Elegant and Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


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Throughout the wedding planning process and during every moment of your big day, you will be relying on your bridesmaids at all times. This constant source of support and strength will help get you through those frantic moments and anxious days leading up to the wedding, so it's important to recognize your girls with bridesmaid thank you gifts. Instead of opting for the same bridesmaids gifts that women have presented their best friends with for generations, consider these creative bridesmaids gifts. Here's a look at some of the best gifts for bridesmaids:

A Night Out After the Wedding

For you, planning the wedding is an endless series of exciting appointments and monumental decisions. For your bridesmaids, it can feel like work from time to time. To show that you appreciate their effort, create a gift that allows them to get out after the wedding takes place. Consider creating a movie gift basket with tickets to a local theater and their favorite candy, or buy them a pair of tickets to an upcoming sporting event.

A Gift for the Office

Some of the best bridesmaid thank you gifts are timeless, traditional and above all else, useful. Gifting your friends with elegant additions to their office will show that you recognize their hard work and effort as well as celebrate their professional accomplishments. Monogrammed stationary complete with a personalized office pen are two unique bridesmaid gifts that create the perfect presentation for your driven, sophisticated bridesmaids.

A Special Way to Sip

Everyone is always toasting to you, the bride, but now is your opportunity to say cheers to the girls who have had your back throughout your entire life. If you plan to be sipping champagne throughout the wedding day, a personalized champagne flute is a wonderful option for your bridesmaids. Or, if you and your girls like to opt for the craft cocktails, consider designing a monogrammed copper mug that is ideal for sipping those deliciously refreshing Moscow Mules.

A Touch of Elegance for the Big Day

Crystal Collective Necklace 


This is one of the more classic wedding party gift ideas, but it's always appreciated and never gets old. Prior to the wedding day, present your bridesmaids with a simple, timeless piece of jewelry that will perfectly complement their bridesmaid dress. A pearl necklace or a diamond solitaire necklace are two pieces that will work for any bridesmaid dress but also will be useful after the wedding is over. In addition, add a touch of fun to the gift by designing personalized lip gloss that matches each bridesmaid's personality, tone, and style. Shop Adrianna Papell's Fashion Jewelry here. 

An Opportunity to Pamper Herself

For a bridesmaid, wedding planning can be stressful and chaotic. Your girls have spent a lot of time trying to help you make decisions and creating special moments for you along the way. Give back to your bridesmaids by designing a gift that focuses on luxurious pampering. A silk floral robe, a gift card to the spa or a bottle of her favorite perfume are a few small thank you gifts to contemplate. In addition to selecting personalized, creative bridesmaid favors, you also will want to think about gifts for maid of honor. Your maid of honor plays a special role in your wedding, and will be taking on additional responsibilities throughout the planning process and during the event itself.


To recognize this contribution in an extra-special way, consider some of these unique bridesmaid gifts for your maid of honor:


Maid of honor jewelry is a popular option for the most important person in your bridal party. Instead of simply selecting a necklace or bracelet that she will wear on the wedding day, opt for a maid of honor bracelet that can be used on a daily basis. A striking pearl bracelet or a simple chain will be cherished in the months and years ahead.

Wisteria Bracelet 

Tickets to an upcoming theater performance

Tickets to an event that is coming to town will show your maid of honor that you appreciate all that she has done, and that you feel she deserves a night out. It's also a promise that you will continue to nurture and enjoy the friendship long after you are married.

Piece of art work or decor

A customized print that matches her home or a replica of her favorite painting are timeless gifts that will show how much you love and appreciate your best friend.


These wedding party gift ideas can help you get started as you decide how you want to recognize the important people in your life who are standing by your side for this momentous occasion.


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