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A cape to complement a dress will never stop being incredibly chic. It truly takes a brave woman who is eager to turn heads to wear a cape dress. The best part is that the A-line cape silhouette flatters everybody so if you are bold enough to get yourself a cape dress, you will never be disappointed.

If you’re shopping for a reception dress, a cape dress is a wonderful idea. You’ve spent all day looking amazing in a traditional lace gown and now it’s time to have fun at the reception. It’s your big day so why not go all the way and show how chic you can be.

What is a cape dress?

When a dress has a cape attached to it and made out of the same material it becomes a cape dress. The cape wraps around the shoulders and falls down around the arms making a gorgeous and pure A-line shape around the body.

At Adrianna Papell we offer a variety of cape dresses for your next special occasion. If you’re in the mood for a look with pants instead of a dress this season, have a look at our cape jumpsuit designs.

Are cape dresses in style?

The cape dress style will never truly leave us. This style is too chic, too versatile, too bold, to ever be left out of fashion week. It is quite a daring style so only wear it if you’re ready to turn heads at your next special occasion.

Adrianna Papell also offers removable tulle capes to be paired with our platinum wedding dresses in case you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your down-the-aisle look.

How to style a cape dress?

The best styling tip for when you’ve chosen a cape dress for your next special occasion is to wear a shimmering necklace. Sparkles around your neck and the glamorous A-line shape around your body will make you look taller than the Empire State Building. Go ahead and pick out a great pair of heels, a shimmering handbag, and then you’re off to have a great time.

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