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Vow Renewal Dresses

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What is a vow renewal dress?

When you’re ready for your vow renewal then you’re ready to pick out a dress. This round of vows is nothing like your first, this is not a wedding therefore it is not a wedding dress you should be looking for. This round of vows calls for more of your personal style and less of anything too traditional.

What color should a vow renewal dress be?

You have all the freedom in the world to wear white once again to your vow renewal. The colour white is a symbol of joy and there is no better feeling to express on your vow renewal day.

That being said, there truly are no rules or expectations for the colour you are meant to be wearing. If you’re hosting your vow renewal on a romantic beach somewhere and you would rather wear floral than feel free.

What to wear to your vow renewal?

Since the feeling might be similar to your wedding day, you may be tempted to wear a wedding dress, but we would advise against this first instinct. Vow renewals are no less formal or elegant than their wedding counterparts, but they are much less traditional events. Therefore, you have the option to choose a less traditional dress.

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