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Adrianna Papell’s Guide to Dresses for Petite Women

If you are short or petite, choosing a dress that suits your body can be a challenge. While Adrianna Papell does not currently offer petite dresses, our collection features styles that will fit you well without overwhelming your frame. Dresses are a beautiful look on petite bodies as certain lengths and silhouettes can elongate your figure. When shopping from a traditionally sized collection, select styles that are cropped to
create your ideal look. For example, short dresses, midi dresses, and tea length dresses can all offer the style you’re looking for without needing excessive attention from a tailor or seamstress.

Short Dresses

A short or mini dress on a petite frame always shines. The length may be a bit longer than intended, but you will not experience the fit issues common with a gown or maxi dress. Pair your short dress with a nude heel or sandals to make your legs look sky high and elongate the look. Shop short dresses here.

Midi Dresses

Looking for a maxi dress? Select a midi dress to get the look without the extra length. Depending on your height, a midi dress may hit you at the ankle, but it will achieve a similar look to what you are seeking. When selecting a midi dress, opt for options with less volume so you avoid looking like the dress is wearing you. We love a sheath dress or an a-line
dress for petite women. Explore our collection of midi dresses.

Tea Length Dresses

If seeking a formal dress fit that comes closer to floor-length, a tea length or ankle length dress will help you capture the look without the extra fabric on a traditional gown. Dress these styles up with delicate accessories and opt for a heel with height that suits the length you would like to achieve. Step into our tea-length dress collection. 

Sleeve Length

When choosing a dress, be mindful of the sleeve length as the sleeves may hit differently on you. Long sleeves may be too long, and short sleeves may fall to the elbow. When selecting a traditionally sized dress for a petite body type, sleeveless dresses are your best bet for a perfect fit. Cap sleeves or non-traditional sleeves like an off the shoulder neckline
will also suit your size. While we love flutter sleeves, be mindful of the amount of fabric these sleeves have as they could overwhelm your slight figure. Shop sleeveless dresses here.


If your dress isn’t beaded, getting it to be a perfect fit may be as simple as
visiting your tailor. Beaded styles are a challenge to hem, and not all seamstresses have the proper know-how to do so. Always ensure your seamstress is experienced with hand-beading before allowing them to tailor your beaded dress. Check out our collection of non-beaded
dresses here.

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