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10 Bridal Shower Themes That Put Pinterest To Shame

What's the Right Theme for Your Bridal Shower?

Short answer: the best theme for the bridal shower is whatever the bride wants.

That said, if she doesn't already have a specific vision of her shower, we've taken the stress out of choosing, (especially if someone other than the bride is hosting) and put together a list of our top 10 ideas for bridal shower brilliance. All you have to do is modify to individual tastes, and let the bridal shower begin!

The Champagne Brunch

Set up a waffle bar, bagels, doughnuts, pretty pastries, and a selection of champagne, champagne cocktails and non-alcoholic sparkling drinks for a shower that's festive, elegant and fun.

Bridal shower theme for champagne brunch

Beach Bound

Whether you're on an actual beach or just dreaming of one, the beach theme is fun and full of possibilities. Our advice? Create a bright color palette, nod to the ocean in your decor, and serve fish tacos and beach-y drinks.

The PJ Party

These are always fun, and super adaptable to your personal style. Design custom robes, pjs or slippers for your guests and serve a festive spread for breakfast.

Strictly Ballroom

Invite your nearest and dearest to dress up in their best black tie and make a night of it, whether that means a chef-prepared meal at the host's, or a full evening on the town.

The Outdoor Oasis

Transform your outdoor space into a festive but laid-back setting for the shower. Go for bright florals, string lights and classic picnic food. A casual bridal shower theme also really allows guests to relax and focus on each other.

Bridal shower themes for outdoor

Pretend You're in Paris

A Parisian-themed shower is chic, (bien sur), and full of great decor and food ideas. Serve French wine and non-alcoholic drinks, a selection of French cheeses, and an abundance of fruit tarts and other Parisian pastries. (P.S. French vocals like Edith Piaf are inherently festive.)

The Throwback

Get playful and have a bridal shower that's focused on a particular decade. Ask guests to come in appropriate costume, and align your food and decor with the bridal shower theme.

Backyard Bonfire

A laid-back, effortless way to celebrate with family and friends. Set up a s'mores bar and the night will go on forever.

The Pool Party

If you're hosting a bridal shower over the summer, you can't go wrong with a pool party. Make sure there is a private area reserved for you and your guests were you can all lounge and catch up together.

Bridal shower theme for pool party

The Tea Party

If the bride wants to keep her shower traditional, hosting a tea party can be a wonderful option. Serve tea sandwiches, pastries and champagne, or turn it into an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed experience.

No matter what theme you choose for your bridal shower, or as host for the bride, keep in mind that the most meaningful events aren't necessarily the most elaborate. At the end of the day, choosing a bridal shower theme is all about finding the best way to come together and celebrate.

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