Family Wedding Photos: How to Capture the Day Your Way

Family Wedding Photos
How to capture the day your way
Family wedding pictures

So Worth It

Needless to say, the wedding photos of you and your new spouse will be some of the most important of the day, but in our experience, everyone is always grateful to have beautiful family wedding photos, too. Capturing these photos can be tricky, logistics messy, and choices difficult, but at the end of the day, you'll have your happiest memories reflected beautifully back to you.

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Planning Ahead

It's best to send your photographer a list of each family wedding photo and wedding party grouping you'd like included in the shot list. It's also a good idea to have a brief discussion about anyone you might not want included in your family wedding photos. (Hint, new gf/bf, 3rd cousins you've met once—you get the picture, literally.)

On the flip side, if you have someone particularly special in your life, make sure your photographer knows so they can be sure to make him or her a point of focus.



Remember that no matter how large or small your family, or your wedding, family wedding pics take time. And since you and everyone else will be eager to start celebrating, adhering to a schedule during your family wedding photo shoot can be helpful. Keep in mind that someone in your bridal party will need to gather everyone for family wedding photos, which, in and of itself, will take time. The photographer then has to set up the shot, adjust angles or light, take another shot, and so on. That said, the most efficient way to capture family wedding photos without feeling (or looking!) rushed, is to stick to a schedule. And the easiest way to stick to a schedule is to put a friend in charge of organizing and overseeing your family wedding photo shoot.

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Make It Yours

No matter what tradition dictates, your family wedding photos are your family wedding photos. There are no rules when it comes to how or when (pre- or post-ceremony) you decide to take them.

Our suggestion: gather with your nearest and dearest (those same ones who'll be in the wedding pics, and make a list of what you really want to capture, whether it's a classic shot of dad seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time, or an entirely candid vibe that doesn't even require a group pose. And don't forget to be candid with your photographer, too. Be specific about what you envision so that they have a clear picture of how you want your family wedding photos to look and feel.
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Capture Your Family Wedding Photo

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