Elegant Second Wedding Gown Styles: 8 Tips for Older Brides


The most perfect dress for your second marriage—so perfect we've devoted a whole article to it.
Elegant second wedding gowns
Elegant second wedding gowns

These days you can go as formal or casual as you wish for your second wedding dress. Remember, being a second-time bride doesn't mean you're required to host a smaller ceremony or more casual celebration. It's entirely up to you, whether you go all out for your second marriage or keep it intimate. Either way, we're obsessed with this new wedding dress. perfect for second-time brides.

Why We Love It

Because it's the best of all worlds in one. Designed with an iconic off-the-shoulder silhouette, classic full skirt and soft lace details, it's refined and glamorous, modern and timeless—a dress to wear on your second wedding day and beyond. Not to mention, you can keep it easygoing or dress it up even more with your choice of accessories.

Our Tips on Finding Your Dream Dress, For the Second Time

1) Don't Compare Your First & Second Wedding Gowns

Try not to think about the gown you wore at your first wedding in comparison to the dress you're wearing for your second wedding, (which can be similar or completely different from your first gown). It really is all about what feels right to you.

2) Second-Wedding Style Freedom

Tradition used to dictate that the gown for your second wedding should be less glamorous or formal than the first, but those guidelines are long gone. In fact, your second wedding dress may end up being even more dramatic than the first.

3) The Second-Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

You've done this already, so you know what to expect and what to avoid. Take the opportunity to make shopping for your second marriage a completely new experience, whether you switch up how you spend your appointment time or do it all online!

4) Bring Your Crew

The support of your besties is ALWAYS helpful, whether you're getting married for a second time or third or fourth. Also, shopping with an entourage will def help you relax and have fun if you're suddenly feeling all the feelings.

5) Take a Second-Wedding Leap

Second wedding gowns for mature brides

Use this opportunity to go for a second wedding dress that's a total departure from your first, whatever that means to you. Just try something different. Remember, new beginnings don't only have to happen once. The wedding dress for your second wedding can be absolutely anything you want, even if it's not a dress!

6) Think About What You Wish You'd Known

Take a moment to reflect on your first wedding dress shopping experience and consider what you might have done differently. Now that you're shopping for your second wedding dress, you can actually do all those things! Did you bring too many people? Too few? Did you wish you'd gone to a different salon, or more of them? Would you like to have spent additional time browsing for your gown? Again, now that you're wedding dress shopping for your second marriage, you can! There are lots of wedding traditions out there, one of them, of course, to keep the dress a secret from your partner until the ceremony. No longer. If you want to bring your second partner-to-be to shop for second wedding dresses, do it! (After all, it could be their advice you want the most)

7) The Second-Time Bride Experience

Second marriage wedding gowns

When you're shopping for your second wedding dress, your emotional experience will inevitably be different from the first time around. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by creating a "should " scenario for second wedding dress shopping, as in, "I should feel inspired, I should feel emotional, I should feel nervous." Your second wedding gown—and all the experiences that go along with it—will inevitably differ from the first time you did all this. The best part is: you get to do it all again, with a fresh perspective, new insight and equal (or more) joy.

8) Love is Ageless

So, when you're shopping for a second marriage, whether you're 25, 40, 50—you get the point—the gown to go for is the one that feels right for you. Being appropriate has as much to do with confidence in your look as the look itself. Which means that shopping for your second marriage when you're, say, over 40, or over 50, doesn't mean you have get dramatic and shop from the Mother-of-the-Bride department. You are the bride, no matter your age, no matter if it's your second marriage or your fifth. Wedding day is wedding day—and it's a time to shine inside and out.

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