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Now that you’ve chosen your wedding dress, it’s all about keeping it perfect until your wedding day. Here’s what we advise:


Bringing Your Wedding Dress Home: transport your wedding gown in a vehicle with enough space to lay the wedding dress flat with the flowing train down.

Hanging & Storing Your Gown: hang your wedding gown as high as possible and leave it inside the Adrianna Papell garment bag. Open the bottom of the bag to spread the train out. (Lay down a clean white sheet if necessary.)

If your Adrianna Papell wedding gown has multiple layers of fabric like crepe, chiffon and lace, or intricate embellishments like hand-beading and sequins, it’s best to keep it laid flat and out of direct sunlight. If your wedding dress is lightweight enough to hang, always use a padded hanger and secure the wedding dress by the inside loops, never the shoulders.

Climate: make sure to keep your bridal gown away from heat and dampness. (You can even use a dehumidifier in the room.)

Gown Gazing: we know it’s tempting, but in order to keep your wedding dress pristine and free of wrinkles, try not to remove it from the Adrianna Papell garment bag or handle it too much before your wedding day.

On Your Wedding Day

Put on your wedding dress only after your hair and makeup is complete. If you have to touch up, place a clean white towel over your dress. We like to have an emergency bridal gown kit on hand—extra beads/sequins, baby powder (for easy wedding dress stain removal), even a mini sewing kit. Last and most important, remember to hold up your wedding skirt and train when outdoors. Now all you have to do is shine!

After the Wedding

Hang your wedding dress and let it breathe a bit. If you want to wear your dress again, it should be dry-cleaned right after the wedding and stored in a box, (not plastic, which can cause stains.) You’ll need a box for storing your gown that’s at least 1/3 the length of the front of your wedding dress. Be sure to use lots of tissue to line the box and stuff the dress to keep creases from forming. Take your wedding dress out of storage every so often, look for deterioration of any kind, and return it to its box to keep it in its best condition.

Professional Preservation: If you want to guarantee that your wedding dress is stored in absolutely perfect condition, it’s best to have it professionally preserved, with methods that remove existing damage and box the dress so that it’s completely shielded from the elements.

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