How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring: Our Top 10 Tips

Our Do’s and Don'ts to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling and Safe

You want to show off your engagement ring all over town. We get it, it’s gorgeous. So now that it’s a steady feature on your left hand, it goes without saying that proper engagement ring care is important.

So how can you keep your sparkler looking brand new? We have a few dos and don’ts to keep your ring something that people keep talking about.

How to take care of your engagement ring

Do Purchase Insurance

You want to protect your financial investment in case your engagement ring gets lost, stolen or damaged. You also want to remember to have your jewelry appraised every five years to reflect the rising costs of diamonds and precious metals. So, if you lose your ring today, but it was appraised 10 years ago, the insured value would unfortunately be less than the actual replacement cost.

Do Keep Your Ring Clean

To keep your engagement ring looking like new, take it to an expert and trusted jeweler and get it properly steamed clean. It’s better than any home remedy.

Do Be Careful

Be sure not to bang or knock your ring against another hard surface. Even though diamonds of one of the world’s hardest natural materials, they can still chip and be susceptible to wear and tear if you’re not careful.

Do Remove Your Ring During Hands-On Activities

We all love to get our hands dirty, but make sure you remove your ring during all hand-heavy activities like gardening, working with machinery, exercising/lifting weights, moving furniture and swimming to name just a few.

engagement ring care

Don’t Remove Your Ring in Public

We’re all washing our hands in public restrooms, but please resist the urge to remove your engagement ring while you are lathering up. The risk is just too great that you might leave your ring on the ledge of the sink, or even worse, drop it down the drain. We know, we’ve been there.

Don’t Touch the Center Stone

This is a simple no no. We know it’s so pretty, but you must avoid touching the center at all costs. Diamonds as well as other precious stones are magnets for dust, dirt and body oil. Instead, grab the band on either side of the stone instead of the stone itself when you put on and take off your engagement ring.

Don’t Use Lotions

Lotion and makeup build-up can dull your ring’s sparkle. It’s best to take your ring off when applying lotion to ensure your ring gives off its greatest shine.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

You should always remove your ring when cleaning or touching harsh chemicals like bleach, oven cleaners and even dish soaps. The chemicals in cleaning supplies are known to be uber-harsh and can dull the ring’s finish and can wreak havoc on colored gemstones like emeralds.

Don’t Cook with Your Ring

This might be our personal favorite. Cooking supplies have the potential to damage your ring in all sorts of ways. In addition, your ring will likely get quite messy as you prepare your meals. And who wants to pick food out of your engagement ring? Yuck! So go ahead and remove your engagement ring before you start whipping up your next meal.

Don’t Sleep with Your Ring

You probably love your engagement ring so much you don’t want to take it off, like ever! But sleeping with your engagement ring on isn’t a great idea. You could scratch your partner with it or tear a hole in your sheets. It’s always best to tuck your rings in a safe ring dish or stand for the night.

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