5 Mother of the Bride Wedding Responsibilities

Mother of the bride responsibilities
Mother of the bride wedding responsibilities 
First and foremost, remember that this is her wedding. Watching your little one (who will always be your little one to you,) get married may bring on lots of emotion, but this is the time to embrace your feelings, let go, and celebrate the occasion. That’s being a great Mother-of-the-Bride.
We’ve put together a few (loose) guidelines on Mom’s official responsibilities for the events leading up to and including the wedding day itself: As to the unofficial? There’s only one: being her mom.) But just for the record:


The mother of the bride should help with researching wedding venues, whether its calling friends for recommendations or getting quotes.


As the mother of the bride, you're officially on duty to help with all things wedding dress-related, including helping make the final dress decision, using your expert eye for tailoring, or just listening and approving, simply because she looks so happy.



Mother of the bride wedding ceremony duties
Mother of the brides may have a special tradition they want their daughter to participate in during the ceremony. Or they may have ideas about other cultural experiences they want to include. The bride will likely value your suggestions. Just remember, the final decision belongs to her and her partner.


It’s always fun to host one of the events leading up to the wedding, whether it’s an engagement party, a shower or rehearsal dinner. Just remember to include her in the planning, and make sure you’re hosting it the way she’s envisioned. 


As the mother of the bride, it’s a big day for you, too. Remember to take care of yourself, since she’ll be needing you more than ever on her wedding day as a source of wisdom, inspiration and love.

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