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Why Rose Gold Rings Are The New Wedding Trend

Rose Gold Rings – A Chic Option

chic rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands
Rose Gold Rings

Something old is something new this year as rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are back in a big way this year and the new jewelry pieces are just too pretty to be missed. The distinctive pink hue makes a sophisticated, feminine look anyone could fall in love with. And many brides and brides-to-be are falling for its uniqueness, durability and versatility when compared to the more traditional metal ring like white gold or yellow gold.

You may already be ogling over some pink gold engagement rings; she may have already hinted towards wanting one, but you aren’t exactly sure if it’s the right choice. So we’ve broken down all the reasons why we think rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are quickly taking over the ring industry.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy and gets it pink hue from a blend of gold, copper and silver. Rose gold, also known as pink gold, red gold or blush gold, is just about perfect in every way.

Why We Love Rose Gold

Looks good on all skin tones

Rose gold rings suit all skin tones

It goes without saying, the natural blush pink color looks good on just about everyone. For people with warm skin tones, the warmth of the rose gold brings out the warmth of the skin tone and helps showcase the natural glow of the wearer. And for more porcelain skin tones, the pink undertones pick up the rose gold beautifully.

Warm and inviting

Rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. It’s pretty and different, giving a new color option to express your style. That’s why you see rose gold popping up on Hollywood’s fashion superstars. You’re not the only one swooning over this durable metal -- everyone from Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Whitney Port have all worn a rose gold accessory not only on the red carpet, but they also have a rose gold setting for their engagement rings.

Plays well with other metals and stones

The versatility of rose gold is unparalleled and it loves to stand apart from the other metals, much like the bride and groom. Mixing rose gold with other metals like white and yellow gold is totally acceptable and looks beautiful as part of the metal mix of multiple necklaces and a stack of rings or bangles. And the warm hues of rose gold beautifully showcases diamonds and other gemstones, especially in the brown, orange, yellow and red color families.

Feels romantic

And, of course, what can be more romantic and symbolize love more than rose? That’s why so many couples believe rose gold is the perfect choice for their engagement rings and wedding bands. Add to that its association with vintage-inspired rings and you have a ring that evokes nostalgia, warmth and romance and is perfect for those who want a ring that will stand out.

Barn and Bohemian-Style Weddings

Rose gold rings complement vintage-themed weddings

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands perfectly complement the new trend of barn and bohemian-style weddings. It’s such a beautiful choice for these vintage-inspired settings. This doesn’t mean the metal can’t have traditional features, but it offers the bride a popular option that also reflects her wedding venue.

Rose Gold is For Men, Too

The warm tones of rose gold make it a perfect choice for men’s jewelry. The unexpected color gives a distinctive touch to not only wedding bands, but to watches, bracelets, necklaces and more.

In 2022, rose gold is becoming a new classic. We love it for not only it’s versatility, but also because it makes a gorgeous wedding jewelry option. So, why not give it a try, you just might fall in love! We believe it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

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