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The Classic LBD

The Classic LBD

The Classic LBD

If there is one look that every woman needs in her closet, the little black dress - or LBD as it’s affectionately known - is it.

Simple, chic, and to the point, a little black dress is the solution to any dressing problem that presents itself. Got a date immediately following your work day? Reach for your tried-and-true LBD. Headed to a semi-formal wedding? Your LBD is always down to be a plus-one.

The little black dress became firmly rooted in fashion history beginning in 1926 with Coco Chanel. The designer aimed to take the high-fashion French look and make it versatile, affordable, and attainable for all. Over the decades, the LBD has risen from fashion staple to fashion icon on several occasions. From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Princess
Di’s revenge dress, it’s easy to see why this seemingly simple dress has earned its place as a must-have.

Don’t let the description fool you - a little black dress is rarely so simple. Finding the best little black dress is about matching your style personality with a timeless look. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect LBD, consider all of the fine details.

For the Classic Woman

If you’re all about versatility and timeless wear, a classic little black dress is the perfect choice. Opt for a silhouette like an A-Line or shift dress, and skip flashy details. A simple little black dress will allow you more control over dressing up or down with accessories and will look beautiful for years to come.

Sleeveless Chiffon Dress With Cascading Details, $119

For the Trend Setter

Love a classic with a modern twist? Select a trendy little black dress with details that are heating up right now. Feather trim is in the spotlight this season in a big way and shows no signs of fading. If you’re a little less glam and a little more chic in your preferred trends, menswear influences are huge in dresses right now. A tuxedo little black dress is tailor-made for you. Our pick? Embrace the best of both worlds in this Crepe Blazer Dress with Feather Trim.

Plus Size Knit Crepe Long Sleeve Blazer Dress With Feather Trim, $295

For Getting Down to Business

Is your interest in a little black dress strictly business? A covered little black dress that pairs well with a blazer and pumps is the ultimate candidate for the job. This wear-to-work black dress is perfect for nailing the big presentation and then heading out to celebrate.

Plus Size Draped Jersey Short Sheath Dress With Bell Cuffs, $159

For a Night Out

Whether headed out for date night or drinks and dancing with friends, a little black dress should be on the menu. This LBD is covered in details that are night-out approved. From the sparkling beading to the sexy fit, this halter dress will draw attention and compliments!

Hand-Beaded Halter Swing Dress, $275


While our love for the little black dress is apparent - a dress may not be for you. On the nights you need to dress up, but prefer to wear pants, a jumpsuit is an effortless choice. Consider her the little black dress’s stylish sister, this little black jumpsuit is bound to make a statement.

Off The Shoulder Crepe Jumpsuit With Organza Sleeves, $199

From timeless to trendy and every look in between, it’s clear why the little black dress remains an iconic look in the fashion zeitgeist. From red carpet events to formal weddings, there is a little black dress (or jumpsuit!) for that. Find the most valuable player in your wardrobe now – shop the entire collection of little black dresses from Adrianna Papell.

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