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Which Nail Polish Color is Best for My Bridesmaid Dress

Which Nail Polish Color is Best for My Bridesmaid Dress

The bridesmaids dresses are bought, hair and makeup is booked, and all that remains are the little details that need to be sorted out - like which nail color the bridal party should rock on the big day. With so many colors to choose from, selecting a nail polish that will match the wedding aesthetic and complement the color of the bridesmaid dress can be overwhelming. Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid wanting to feel her best, our stylists have compiled their ultimate advice for when it’s time to get your wedding day manicure.

Who chooses the nail color for the bridal party?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to who picks the nail color for the bridesmaids. As with anything when you’re part of the bridal party, it’s best to consult with the bride before choosing your wedding day nails. If she has a specific vision in mind for her wedding day, ask for imagery or a nail color brand and name that you can use for reference when speaking with your manicurist or nail technician.

If your bride does not have a nail color preference, the choice is yours. We recommend considering the following when choosing your nail polish hue: dress color, wedding attire, and time of year. We’ll address all of these below.

When should I get my nails done before a wedding?

To ensure your manicure looks its best, get your nails done within 72 hours of the wedding. If selecting a gel polish, you can set your appointment a little earlier if necessary due to wedding travel. Alternatively, if you are opting for traditional nail polish, we recommend getting your manicure no more than 48 hours before the wedding day, and avoiding activities that may cause your nails to chip like household chores and working with your hands. If these activities are unavoidable, it may be best to get them done the day before the wedding or to purchase the nail color you select to cover any accidental chipping.

Which nail colors are appropriate for a formal or black-tie wedding?

While we love a statement nail moment, it is best to stick to a more traditional manicure when choosing your bridesmaid nail color and design for a black-tie or formal wedding. For the best photos on the day, select a nail color that won’t clash with the dress or nail art that is too distracting. If the attire is more creative in nature, you can lean into more creativity with your manicure.

What are the best nail colors for bridesmaids?

There is no “best” nail color as every wedding is different, but there are certain colors and stylesthat reign supreme for the bridal party. Neutral nail polish colors including nude, white, or light pink are beautiful options that go with any bridesmaid dress color. Alternatively, french tip nails are a timeless choice that look clean and polished.

Listen to Her

Sometimes it’s the little touches that makes a great bridesmaid. And those thoughtful touches don’t have to cost a thing. No doubt your friend is excited about her big day, and chances are she wants to talk about her plans. But some brides believe talking about their wedding could be selfish or boring. Try to encourage her to talk about her wedding by ask questions

Another thoughtful idea is making a special playlist for the morning of her wedding or create a memory book with words of wisdom, recipes and/or stories from the amazing women in her life. You can also create a signature wedding day scent or a signature cocktail and make a survival kit with everything she could need for a wedding day mishap.  

Wedding Day

As the wedding date nears, talk with the bride-to-be about a plan for the big day: getting dressed, getting hair and makeup done and any last-minute details. Make sure you coordinate what time everyone needs to arrive at the venue to get ready. You should also be on hand to help the bride get into her wedding dress and make sure her bridal jewelry, veil and shoes are where they need to be as well as making sure all the corsages, bouquet, crowns and any other floral accessory are ready to go. Of course, this is the best place for all those iconic getting ready photos you want to be sure she has to remember.

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