What to Wear on a Date: The Do's and Don’t of Date Night Looks



Do you have a date with a special someone coming up? Chances are you may already be stressing over what to wear on your date. No matter who you are or how you met your prospective partner, first dates are almost always an anxiety-riddled occasion, and choosing how to dress for date night can often be the most maddening part of your evening.


Whatever you decide to wear, the most important piece of advice we can offer is to plan your outfit in advance -- and make sure ahead of time that it’s clean, ironed, lint-rolled, and laid out. Nothing adds tension to an already fraught night like frantically dashing around your house searching for your missing shoes, bra, or necklace ten minutes before your date is set to arrive -- only to leave the house sweaty and panicked in an outfit that doesn’t have you feeling your best, most confident self.


While you’ll never feel 100% calm and collected going into a first date, planning your date night outfit is one sure way to eliminate stress before going out. Here are our top date night tips to put together an effortless look that will impress your date and have you feeling incredible.

Catch His Eye with Colors

Color is one of your most powerful tools when it comes to making an impression with your first date outfit. The shades you select will send subtle cues about your personality, as well as how you feel about your date. 


If you’re trying to play it cool and classy with your date night outfit, black is always a great choice. It’s professional and understated, always in style and perfectly on point for social occasions. Impress him with your low-key allure in a classic piece like our crepe sheath dress with ruffle sleeves. This little black dress is timeless and flattering without showing off too much. Feel free to add a pop of color with your accessories to brighten up the look! 



On the opposite end of the spectrum, flaunting a bold color, like red, will make an unforgettable impression and signal the sassy side of your personality. Our sleeveless matte banded dress is a fearless look that’s full of energy. 



Can’t decide on a hue? Playful patterns are a great option as well. Show off your favorite florals for a little girly charm, or rock some always-flattering stripes.

Feeling Fancy?

For many women, deciding how much to dress up is the hardest part when it comes to choosing date night outfits. There’s no magic answer here -- it will depend first and foremost on what you have planned. If your date asked you to dinner and drinks, look up the restaurant ahead of time to get a sense of its dress code. An elegant sheath dress is a great date night look that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.



If the two of you have something more casual planned, like a picnic, a cooking class, or a coffee date, don’t feel the need to dress up more than the occasion calls for. A chic yet simple top like our Lace Top with Ruffled Sleeves and a pair of nice jeans is cute, yet low-key.



Confidence Is Key

Above all, the old adage holds true: there’s nothing sexier than confidence. Never wear something that you don’t feel good in just to impress your date. A woman in jeans and a t-shirt who’s enjoying herself is bound to be more attractive than the same lady nervously staggering around in stilettos and a miniskirt. 


If it’s not something that comes naturally to you, wearing loads of makeup or showing a lot of skin will come across as trying too hard, or trying to be someone you’re not. Remember that the right partner will love your style and personality as it is.


Ready to Find the Perfect Date Night Dress?

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