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The fundamentals on choosing your wedding band, and finding a style you love.

When to Buy:

Shopping for your wedding band should be a relaxed, joyful experience for you and your person. (That means we don’t recommend buying your rings at the height of planning your wedding.) We’ve found that most couples start browsing for wedding rings about four months before the wedding. If you want to choose your rings closer to the big day, remember to keep in mind the extra time needed for sizing and engraving. (P.S. You can find our Adrianna Papell Wedding Band Collection at Kay Jewelers.)

Should We Match?

Traditionally, the couple would choose matching wedding bands to show that they belong together. Most matching bands are featured in timeless, simple styles, including classic gold. Many couples, however, choose different rings to reflect their style as individuals.

What to Consider:


  • You’re 5’4’’ or under.
  • Your inseam is 27 inches or less.
  • Regular sleeves and straps are too long.
  • Pockets, shoulders and waist seams fall in the wrong places.



  • One of the most important parts of choosing your wedding band is complementing your engagement ring, whether that means adding extra sparkle or keeping it simple.
  • Do you want your wedding band to be the same metal as your engagement ring?
  • What’s the best wedding band for your lifestyle? (Remember, you’ll be wearing it every day, aka if you’re super active, go for extra-durable platinum.)
  • Size it right! Your wedding ring will go through everything you do, and your fingers will swell and contract with heat, exercise, etc. Make sure to get your ring sized at a time when you are calm and your temperature is normal, so you can find the fit that will best weather it all.

Most important, have fun! Spend the time just being together, relax and make a day of it!

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