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To Jumpsuit Or Not? Why An All-in-One is Suitable Wedding Attire

All in one jumpsuits are appropriate wedding attire
What to know before choosing your wedding jumpsuit and our favorite picks.
Jumpsuit wedding attire
Appropriate jumpsuit wedding attire

When it comes to wedding dress codes, there are a few perennial questions that come up again and again. Can you wear black to a wedding is one of them; can you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding is the other. The answer to both? A resounding yes.


Jumpsuit wedding attire is exactly as it sounds: a jumpsuit that is formal enough to wear to a formal, dress-up occasion such as a wedding. Indeed, it is not a boilersuit, or even dungarees, but another style in the all-in-one category.

Jumpsuit wedding attire tends to be made from more formal fabrics such as crepe, silk or satin, and it wouldn’t be unusual for it to feature beading, sequins or another embellished detail. The formal wedding jumpsuit tends to be fitted through the body, with a wide pant leg, although slimmer, long-and-lean silhouettes are now becoming more commonplace.

Unless you’re attending a tropical or destination wedding with a distinct vacation theme, a jumpsuit for a wedding should typically be full- or floor-length. Can you wear a romper to a wedding? Unfortunately, most rompers or playsuits—essentially a jumpsuit with shorts instead of full pant legs—are unsuitable as wedding guest attire as they tend to be quite casual.


When it comes to styling jumpsuit wedding attire, the key is to ensure the overall finish is polished and put together. A jumpsuit can feel like an easy option, since it is a single piece of clothing that doesn’t require pantyhose; however, plenty of thought should still be put into what type of coat or outerwear you wear with it, how it is accessorized, and whether it is formal enough for the occasion to show the couple the respect they deserve.

Coat Check

Even if your legs are covered up when wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, you’ll want to ensure you stay warm—especially if the wedding falls in the cooler months. Consider wearing pantyhose or shapewear under your jumpsuit (either to keep the silhouette smooth or for extra warmth), and do bring a jacket. A three quarter-length wool coat, cashmere stole or faux fur-trimmed bolero is a chic and formal option over a wedding jumpsuit.

Step Right Up

Given you’re essentially wearing pants, it pays to amp things up a little when it comes to accessorizing your jumpsuit wedding attire. Unless you’re attending a destination wedding that’s taking place on a beach or centuries-old, cobbled pavement, heels are a definite must to help elongate the leg and keep your posture straight.

Accessorize This

There’s a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a jumpsuit with embellishment such as beading, sequins, ruffles and pleats, but whatever you choose, you should always finish putting your look together by considering your jewelry and makeup. Earrings, necklaces and rings all have the ability to make or break an outfit—and jumpsuit wedding attire is no exception. Do you want to go bold with colourful costume jewelry, or more minimal with dainty gold, rose gold, or silver pieces? Whatever you choose, be sure it contributes, not detracts, from your overall desired jumpsuit wedding look.



One shoulder wedding jumpsuit
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Plus Size Flutter One Shoulder Jumpsuit in Black

Graceful yet modern, sophisticated yet chic, this jumpsuit features a striking one-shoulder silhouette with a flutter sleeve that cascades dramatically down the body. The long, wide-leg pants look striking with sky-high peep toe heels.


Crepe wedding jumpsuits
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Satin Crepe Jumpsuit in Dark Jade

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this satin crepe jumpsuit for a flowing gown: its wide leg pants have a satin skirt overlay that lends extra theater to the piece. The gorgeous color and high bateau neckline make it a timeless piece for many occasions to come.


Plunging crepe wedding jumpsuits
Shop our crepe jumpsuits!

Plunging Crepe Jumpsuit in Ivory

If you’re the actual bride, rather than a wedding guest, then this jumpsuit is for you. With its open back and soft, clean-lined crepe that offers a close fit, it’s a sleek, sensual, and thoroughly modern choice for a bride.

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