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For me, the love of rose gold is right up there with chewy chocolate chip cookies, bath bombs, and the shacket. In other words, I can’t live without it! Rose gold not only goes with everything, but it’s a seriously genius way of making sure we’re never without a splash of pink. What could be better than that?

Adrianna Papell’s new rose gold line packs a heavy dose of glam in the classiest of packages. If you’re looking for a dressy holiday number or a special occasion dress, rose gold is THE way to go. I especially love that, while some colors are associated with certain times of year, rose gold is just as fashion forward in the summer as it is in the winter. There’s not a time of year or occasion where a fun splash of rose gold doesn’t make a look stand out.
The "Goes With Everything" Color
Rose gold also compliments both warm and cool skin tones combining the coolness of silver and the warmth of yellow gold. This means that accessorizing your rose gold outfit is easy as pie! You can pair with a favorite set of gold earrings or a statement silver necklace and both will match just as well as the other. Shoes get the same freedom: silver pumps, gold straps heels, black stilettos are all fair game! Pair with this chic rose gold wrap and you’re ready to turn heads!
Extended Petite Sizing
This beaded column gown from the new collection is one of my very favorites. When I put it on I literally gasped out loud because 1) The beading was so intricately beautiful that I felt like a work of art and 2) the proportions fit me to a TEE. That’s right ladies, it comes in petite! 


I’m 5ft 2 (and 1/2 if I wear my thick socks) and it’s rare to buy any dress and be able to wear it off the rack. Let’s just say I have a very close relationship with my seamstress. But Adrianna Papell’s petite line is perfection! It’s designed for women roughly 5ft 4 and under and proportionally adjusts for our small but mighty stature. This usually involves, shorter length, slightly higher waist line, and more narrow shoulders and hips. All of these modifications made for slipping into one of the most jaw dropping dresses I’d ever worn. Waist nipped, length right above the ground, and feeling like a million bucks. If you’re a petite lady like me, try checking out these other stunning designs made to fit our proportions without sacrificing style. 
Shine Inside and Out
It’s no secret that when you feel good, you look good, and in rose gold it’s impossible not to feel your best! From the shine to the rosy pigment, rose gold will be your new best friend. Try one of Adrianna Papell’s new rose gold dresses, and you won’t ever look back. Wishing you a cheerful and Rosy new year!

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