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5 Dresses for Celebrating the Holidays at Home

5 Dresses for Celebrating the Holidays at Home

With many of us enjoying a quieter holiday at home this year, Adrianna Papell has gowns to add some sparkle and joy to your festivities! I’m Liz of the blog With Wonder and Whimsy, and I’m thrilled to be teaming back up with Adrianna Papell to share five theme night ideas for a magical holiday at home (with the perfect dress to match each theme!). 

Family Portraits
Your Christmas tree, front porch decorations, and mantle are perfect backdrops for family photos. A lot of why we dress up during the holidays is to have our pictures taken at different events. It’s fun to pick out holiday outfits to show off and then share the photos on social media and slip into cards for family and friends. You can continue that tradition even if you’re staying home and social distancing this holiday. My top pick for taking family portraits? This Plus Size Beaded Floral Godet Gown in Rose Gold. You can see more of this dress (plus more of my family photos!) over on my blog.
Champagne and Caviar
Dress up for a date night in to celebrate the season and one another. Pop some bubbly and assemble a spread of toasted bread rounds, smoked salmon, and caviar. (A simple cheese and fruit tray works too!). Prepare a toast sharing some ways your partner/family has brought comfort and joy to your 2020. This Plus Size Short Cape Dress is the perfect champagne and caviar dress because it looks chic, timeless, and expensive. 
Zoom Happy Hour Later this December, I have a Zoom happy hour planned with one of my best friends from college. He’s a frontline worker, and we haven’t seen each other since before the pandemic. We always get together around the holidays, and this year we’ve planned a special Zoom call. I’ll be shipping him a cocktail crate with ingredients and glassware, and he’ll be shipping me a crate of snacks we can both enjoy together on our call. We both love dressing on theme, so of course we’ll be dressed to the nines for this. Something with a dramatic neckline and detailing across the top is perfect for a video call. I’ll be wearing this One Shoulder Beaded Gown in Nude with a headband and statement earring.
Candlelight Dinner
With fewer, smaller gatherings this holiday season, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan an elaborate candlelight dinner. Set a beautiful table complete with a festive centerpiece, fresh greenery, your fancy dishes, and party poppers for each place setting. You can prepare something extra special like beef wellington or lobster thermidor. Or you can order in from your favorite fine dining restaurant. Turn down the lights, light some candles, and enjoy a candlelight dinner together. And what to wear? This chic Asymmetrical Jumpsuit with Surplice Top paired with plush slippers.
Dancing Under the Stars
Put together a playlist of you and your partner’s favorite songs for a romantic date night in. Depending on the weather where you live, you can dance outside under the glittering night sky. Here in Michigan, I’ll string up some star-shaped fairy lights in the living room to create our own tiny ballroom. Put on a dress that’ll twinkle in the starlight, like this Short Sequin Sheath with Flutter Sleeves.  


However and whoever you’re celebrating with this holiday season, Adrianna Papell has a dress to make it memorable. Follow along with me on With Wonder and Whimsy for more ways to celebrate the holidays in style.

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