Bride We Love: Rachel's Intimate Garden Wedding


A family garden, paper lights in the trees, dreamcatchers everywhere, aka, the perfect intimate wedding.

Rachel's wedding dress
Rachel's Garden Wedding

The One

Rachel was at university when she and Wayne met and quickly became good friends. The holidays were approaching, and Rachel was headed home for break. But she simply could not stop thinking about Wayne. She had never felt such a strong connection to anybody; Rachel realized that when she reflected upon what home really meant, she thought of Wayne. In the past, Rachel had eagerly awaited a visit home during school holidays. But now she couldn't wait to get back to campus. Rachel knew almost instantly that Wayne was her soulmate, and that he would be part of her future forever.

A New Tradition

Rachel's garden wedding

After the ceremony, all of Rachel's and Wayne's guests lined up along the walkway from the ceremony marquee to the reception garden. They threw confetti made from dried petals and lavender. (Such a genius idea). The couple loved walking past all their smiling friends and family, resulting in some of the best pics of the day.

The Theme

Rachel's garden wedding theme

Relaxed, rustic, and a little boho. The setting: Rachel's parent's dreamy garden. The decor: Rachel and Wayne wanted to take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, so the couple hung paper flowers and dreamcatchers from the trees, placed fairy lights in bottles throughout the garden, and generally kept the vibe easygoing and laid-back—a perfect reflection of both their personalities.

The Wedding Dress

Rachel's garden wedding dress

As Rachel put it, she "couldn’t have pictured a more perfect dress." It was the first one she chose to try on, and it became the one against which she compared all others. Rachel scheduled three bridal appointments, admittedly, she said, so she "could just swish around in the dress!" (The floral embroidery and soft champagne color also happened to coordinate beautifully with the wedding theme.) Wayne and Rachel danced their first to Firestone by Conrad Sewell.

The Sweetest Part

Rachel's vegan wedding cake

Rachel is vegan, and had her cake made by vegan bakery, Earth Cake Bristol. Dedicated to her vegan practice, Rachel did not want to serve vegan food only as an alternative; it comprised the entire menu. Nobody could tell (shhh) that the cake was vegan— a delicious confection with 3 tiers: caramelized biscuit, lemon drizzle, and toffee/coffee. (Our 2 cents: take a cue from Rachel and Wayne. Their wedding, their decision on food. Don't stress about pleasing every single guest 100%.)

What made Rachel feel most beautiful? The quiet moments she spent with Wayne and Fran, their wedding photographer. The way Wayne looked at her, was, as Rachel, described, "everything."

Sounds like the wedding was, too.

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